2.28-3.2: Weekend Recap

{Friday Afternoon &Night}

home after Orthopedic appointment- yay! 1/2 time brace! | Pizza Take Out

140303_weekend recap_01 140303_weekend recap_02 140303_weekend recap_03

140303_weekend recap_04

140303_weekend recap_05 140303_weekend recap_06


Lazy morning with a sick cuddly baby | Lots of errands | Price started P90x

140303_weekend recap_07 140303_weekend recap_08

140303_weekend recap_09 140303_weekend recap_10

140303_weekend recap_11 140303_weekend recap_12


Museum of Science | brunch Local 149 Brunch | Blog baking & cooking | Phoenix NASCAR Race | lots of laundry | OSCARS

140303_weekend recap_13

140303_weekend recap_14 140303_weekend recap_15

140303_weekend recap_16

140303_weekend recap_17


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