4.25-27: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

stir fry with tofu, string beans, and mushrooms | grimm | kitchen clean up | bed

140428_weekend recap_01


Another new (to me) breast pump from a Craigslist seller | Union Square Donuts | lots of laundry | Visited Price’s sister and mother in NH | watch NASCAR | bed

140428_weekend recap_02

140428_weekend recap_03

140428_weekend recap_04


lounge around in bed | Price made breakfast | Old Navy | Petsmart | Sweet Meadow Farm for rabbit pellets | dishes, laundry, house clean up | Blue Apron Meal for lunch | Autumn took a long nap | blogging | bread making | bed

140428_weekend recap_05

140428_weekend recap_06

140428_weekend recap_07 140428_weekend recap_08

140428_weekend recap_09 140428_weekend recap_10

140428_weekend recap_11 140428_weekend recap_12


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