Monday Munchies: Bakers Dozen Donuts- Raleigh, NC

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-1

I’ve been trying to think of fun, simple ways of changing things up for the wedding, so I’ve been thinking we can ditch the cake and just enjoy some other sweets.  Maybe pies? Maybe cookies? Maybe Donuts?

Man, I love donuts! So it comes as no surprise that I turned to Yelp to track down some great donuts while we were in Raleigh.

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-4

Reviews turned us to Baker’s Dozen Donuts. So we headed over there one morning to satisfy our donut cravings.

As we pulled into a shopping center and up to the simple storefront that is identified with a large sign simply stating “DONUTS”, I saw someone walking out with large boxes of donuts. A sure sign that people love donuts from here.

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-2 Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-7

They have 2 kinds of donuts- a yeast donut and a cake donut. Both equally good. I didn’t find their donuts to be very large which was refreshing as I’ve been to shops were donuts are so big you can barely finish them. These were a manageable size so we were able to get a few to share.

Flavors include classics like glazed twists, French Crullers, and Boston cream. Donuts are covered in the perfect amount of glaze and sprinkles. They even fill the donuts to order. I swear you just don’t get that kinda of service and quality at a lot of places.

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-10

We shared 3 donuts (about $1 each) plus an apple fritter ($1.50). I had read good things about the buttermilk donut we got that, as well as a sugar coated one, and a pumpkin donut.

The yeast based sugary donut was light and fluffy, while the cake donuts were denser, as to be expected. The pumpkin reminded me of a pumpkin muffin with it’s pleasant pumpkin flavor. The buttermilk was my favorite as it was really light, evenly glazed, and had a interesting tangy flavor from the buttermilk.

I’m already missing these donuts. And that fritter… OMG that fritter.

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-3 Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-9

The apple fritter was the best fritter that I’ve ever had. It was about the size of the palm of your hand. Well, maybe a bit bigger than that, but it again was a good size for a treat. The flavor was very sweet and apple-y. It was definitely not suggy from the sugary glaze as it has a nice crunch it. And yet it was still light as the texture of the fitter was very airy.

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-6 Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-8

The shop has minimal decor with some cute pictures and fake flower arrangements, which is just fine since I think that most people just run into get donuts and go. We ate some of each of our donuts there and finished them up later.

Just hop into the shop and get yourself some donuts and you won’t be disappointed. I promise!!

Bakers Dozen Donuts_Raleigh-5

Baker’s Dozen Donuts

1307 Buck Jones Road

Raleigh, NC 27606



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