Hello Juno

2015 Blizzard Juno

Juno might have slighted the New York area but it hit us hard in Boston.

We ended up with 24.6 inches, making it the 6th biggest storm in Boston’s recorded history. It actually dumped 36″ in Framingham, about 20 miles away from where we live. It was all awesome and annoying at the same time.

It shut down the city, including the MBTA, on Tuesday as there were blizzard conditions throughout most of the day. So we were all home on Tuesday as the snow swirled all around.

2015 Blizzard Juno-1 2015 Blizzard Juno-2

As the snow eased up in the afternoon we all went out to check out the snow.

Autumn hated her snow suit but she loved being outside so the moment we went outside she stopped screaming bloody murder. And started again the moment we crossed the threshold again. Our babe just loves to be outside at all times.

2015 Blizzard Juno-3

Her long beautiful eye lashes caught falling snow flakes.

2015 Blizzard Juno-4

2015 Blizzard Juno-5 2015 Blizzard Juno-6

Poor Price spent over 8 hours between Tuesday, Wednesday morning and night outside with the snow-blower cleaning up the driveway, walkway, and stairs. The piles are taller than me in some areas.

2015 Blizzard Juno-7

2015 Blizzard Juno-8

And while Price busted his butt out there for hours and hours we stayed cozy inside making cookies. I really do think that I have perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe at this point. yay!

She stole my pen. He stole her blanket and chair.

 2015 Blizzard Juno-10

Price took these pictures of our street on Tuesday night once the wind lessened and rate of snow coming down slowed down. More people felt brave enough to come out of their houses to start digging out.

2015 Blizzard Juno-9 2015 Blizzard Juno-11

2015 Blizzard Juno-12 2015 Blizzard Juno-13

Oh, and we’re supposed to get more snow tomorrow!! ugh.


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