Whole30: Days 28-30

I am documenting my Whole 30 journey to help me see how far I’ve come and to keep me inspired through the whole process. I’m looking forward to the transformation in how I approach food, cook with it, and enjoy it. Read why taking on this challenging dietary adventure is so important to me HERE.


{Day 28}

Sunday, March 1st

It was a good/bad food day. Good in that it was Whole30 foods, but bad in timing of eating. I grazed most of the morning and early afternoon picking at a recipe I was trying to develop for the blog. At least dinner was awesome.


Whole30 Days 28-30-1

(Failed) sweet potato waffles with a berry sauce (no sugar!)

I was trying to make my waffled hashbrowns but with sweet potatoes and it just didn’t work out well so we ate the waffles that sorta survived.


Whole30 Days 28-30-2

Salad with steak, with a homemade mayo based ‘ranch-y’ dressing, topped off with salsa and guac (Holy Guacamole)

This was so good, and not just because it was delicious, but because we all sat down to dinner together. It’s pretty rare for us to eat with Autumn as she eats so early (5.30) but we get out act together today and had an early dinner together. So nice. I really need to put that effort in on the weekends. Plus, she loved the steak. kept asking for more and more, as well as humus. Adorable!

{Day 29}

Monday, March 2nd

In the home stretch! I felt good all day and then crashed and had a banana at night as a snack/dessert. It was really good then but annoyed with myself later. I need to get better about fighting urges like that. Blah.


Whole30 Days 28-30-3

Eggs over a potato hash with salsa and guac

I overcooked my eggs and was pissed so I made myself new eggs. Annoyed to waste food, but I should at least be able to enjoy the eggs I am eating, no?!?!?


Whole30 Days 28-30-4 Whole30 Days 28-30-5

Salad (romaine, carrots, tomatoes) with some yummy  leftover steak, with EVOO & vinegar dressing. Almonds.

Awesome salad. I got the almond from a job walk through. They were giving them out to promote heart health instead of junky snacks. Love that.


Whole30 Days 28-30-6

Leftover Roasted Chicken with potatoes and green beans

We finished up the chicken from the Mayo Crusted Roasted Chicken that I made on Saturday night. It was basic but quick and it works some nights just to get dinner out of the way.


Whole30 Days 28-30-7

Banana with some almond butter and a sprinkling of cinnamon

Super hungry. I shouldn’t have given in but I’m all over the place with being hungry/not. In a moment of weakness I grabbed the banana. Kinda pissed about it but I have been weird/blah/whatever since getting my period post-baby & post-breastfeeding. My body is just freaking out some days. AHHH!!!

{Day 30}

Tuesday, March 3rd

 It’s our last day!!! Kinda exciting, kinda bittersweet. I know I can extend it but I need to take a break from it to test things out and just have a damn cookie. It was a crazy busy day but a good one.


Whole30 Days 28-30-8

Egg scramble with mushrooms, topped off with salsa and guac

I’m tired of eggs, I don’t care anymore. I am very thankfully for picking up the organic salsa from Costco though.


Whole30 Days 28-30-9

Mixed greens salad with berries and prosciutto, EVOO & vinegar dressing

This has to be my favorite salad, at least currently. I freaking love the berries in the greens. Nice mix with the salty prosciutto


Whole30 Days 28-30-10

Cherry Pie Lara Bar

Lunch was great but it left me hungry. I need to up the protein in my salads.


Whole30 Days 28-30-11

Chicken skewers with mixed veggies (peppers & mushrooms) in a sunbutter sauce

Price made this as I was at a planning board meeting (my first one!!) so he made dinner for us. He was bummed he didn’t make a dipping sauce for the chicken but I was starving after the meeting and going to Trader Joe’s (for Autumn’s goat milk). It was really good. I can’t wait for all the snow around our grill to thaw and for Price to start grilling again!


I’m so proud of us for doing Whole30 and that we did it together. I know that this experience has taught us both about our eating and drinking habits. It’s been very eye-opening. I’ve noticed changes throughout the process about cravings,

I’ll do a follow-up with our lives post Whole30 soon!


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