Our Wedding Pictures: Ceremony

Taggart Wedding_2015-49

The weather was beautiful on our wedding day, June 13, 2015, so we held our wedding ceremony on the side lawn at our venue, Crissey Farm. The setting was beautiful in front of their arbor that the venue helped us decorate with big white, yellow, and grey poms and lanterns.

Taggart Wedding_2015-50

The ceremony kicked off with our moms walking down together to take their seats. It was so sweet that they did this together.

Taggart Wedding_2015-51

Autumn was in the care of her amazing daycare teacher and her daughter for the day and night.

Taggart Wedding_2015-53 Taggart Wedding_2015-54

Taggart Wedding_2015-55

After my sister and my best friend walked down the aisle, my dad and I started to make our way down the aisle to “Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michealson.

Taggart Wedding_2015-56

Of course, Autumn wanted to join me on the walk down the aisle too. She joined us for the walk so that Price could give her a big hug and kiss before we started the ceremony.

 Taggart Wedding_2015-57 Taggart Wedding_2015-58

Hugs to my dad when the officiant asked if he would give me away.

Taggart Wedding_2015-59

Taggart Wedding_2015-60

We had originally planned on our family friend performing our ceremony as she is an officiant in New Hampshire, but temporarily transferring her officiant duties over to Massachusetts for the day was proving quite difficult. In the end we found an officiant available in the town where we were married, and settled on having Mary perform a reading for us.

Mary beautifully read the poem “The Key To Love”  (Author Unknown), which really meant so much to us.

Taggart Wedding_2015-61 Taggart Wedding_2015-62

Taggart Wedding_2015-63

We then said our vows to each other.

We wrote our own vows that were personal to us and our relationship. It felt so great to write them ourselves (even if I did it at the last minute!). It made our commitment to each other every more special as we mentioned special moments over our 10 year relationship in the vows.

Taggart Wedding_2015-64 Taggart Wedding_2015-65

Taggart Wedding_2015-66

Almost kissed!!!

After Price recited his vows we almost kissed!! It was just one of those reflexes that we naturally wanted to do after such a special moment. We both leaned in almost kissed but caught ourselves in the nick of time.

Taggart Wedding_2015-67

Taggart Wedding_2015-68

And then we exchanged our rings.

Taggart Wedding_2015-69 Taggart Wedding_2015-70

Oh, now you may kiss your bride!

Taggart Wedding_2015-71

We’re married!!!!!

Taggart Wedding_2015-72 Taggart Wedding_2015-73


We all headed into the venue to kick off cocktail hour with our family and friends.

Taggart Wedding_2015-79

But first we took some pictures with our wedding party and families.

Taggart Wedding_2015-74 Taggart Wedding_2015-75

 Taggart Wedding_2015-78

Taggart Wedding_2015-76 Taggart Wedding_2015-77

After our wedding portraits we got to mix and mingle with our wonderful guests during our cocktail hour.

Taggart Wedding_2015-80 Taggart Wedding_2015-81

More wonderful pictures taken by Lefebvre Photography to come!


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4 thoughts on “Our Wedding Pictures: Ceremony

  1. Linda/Mom says:

    the LOVE u and Price share is captured!!!!! Amazing photos of u price autumn and family and friends who love u and wanted to share your wedding w you. every picture shows such happiness I feel myself smiling when I keep looking at them. xxoo


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