Christmas.2015 Part 2

Christmas.2015 Part 2

We had such a great Christmas this year. We basically celebrated it twice. First we had Autumn open gifts on the Sunday before Christmas so that she would have time to play with them that day and the week. And then we had Christmas all over again on Christmas with Price’s family, who we visited with for the weekend.

Christmas.2015 Part 2_02 Christmas.2015 Part 2_01

We got ready on Christmas morning and got out of the house as fast as possible (even forgetting Autumn’s antibiotics in the process… thanks to our Dr for refilling that quickly!). The 6-hour drive is never really fun, but Autumn’s extra frantic screaming of  ‘Go!’ and ‘Down!’ made it extra enjoyable. ha!

But we survived and were greeted with big hugs all around once we arrived. And Autumn made out like a bandit with all her new goodies for the play kitchen we got her for, tons of books, and some fun Mickey & Minnie things. Like a Minnie ‘brella that Autumn would has since carried around with her everywhere. I think she would sleep with it if we let her.

 Christmas.2015 Part 2_03

Christmas.2015 Part 2_04

There was a gorgeous full moon on Christmas that Price got some pictures of from the front lawn. I decided to remain warm in the house. ha!

Christmas.2015 Part 2_05 Christmas.2015 Part 2_06

On Saturday morning, Price, his sister, his father, Autumn, and I went out to breakfast at the Willow Glen Cafe. Can’t beat big portions for an affordable price. Autumn even did decent work on her plate sized pancake!

Christmas.2015 Part 2_07

The Town of Skaneateles is located at the top of Skaneateles Lake, one of New York’s Finger Lakes. The water is so clear

Christmas.2015 Part 2_08 Christmas.2015 Part 2_09

Christmas.2015 Part 2_10 Christmas.2015 Part 2_11

Stop it Skaneateles, just stop. Stop being so picturesque and cute!

Unfortunately, we missed the the Annual Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles, which runs through Christmas Eve, where community members act out the story around town. But I did get a kick out of the wooden characters placed around The Village.

Christmas.2015 Part 2_12

Christmas.2015 Part 2_13 Christmas.2015 Part 2_14

Christmas.2015 Part 2_15

After Autumn’s nap we headed over to Price’s brother’s house so we could all hang out while the kids opened the last of the gifts.  I love when everyone is together hanging out.

Christmas.2015 Part 2_16

Christmas.2015 Part 2_17

I love that the kids had a blast playing together. They did it all from playing hair dresser to Aunt Catherine, playing with Play-Doh and a new tea set, and hiding behind the sofa.

Christmas.2015 Part 2_18 Christmas.2015 Part 2_19

Don’t mind Autumn, she just makes herself at home to paint!

With all the fun activity with her cousins, Autumn went to bed about an hour later than normal, and *magically* woke up about 2 hours earlier than normal. How does that work?!?!

Thankfully, Price and I managed to sneak away on Saturday night for a drink and dessert at The Krebs in town. Then we headed over to Price’s friend’s house to catch up with them. We stayed much later than planned but I believe that is just a sign that you are having a great time. Or just horrifying them with the stories and advice you have since they are expecting a little boy in May!

Christmas.2015 Part 2_20 Christmas.2015 Part 2_21

Sunday morning was rough since Autumn got up 2 hours earlier than normal. Thankfully, Price let me sleep in while he brought Autumn out for an earlier breakfast with his father, sister, brother, and his 3 kids.

Autumn was having a rough morning since she was so tired, but nothing an early and extra long nap couldn’t fix!!

We then spent the afternoon with Price’s friends again. The guys watched football and the girls played with cats and talked important things like maternity leave and breast pump bras. ha!! Best of all they have 2 cats and Autumn had a blast playing with them and repeatedly telling them ‘Hi cat! Hi Gatos!”.

Christmas.2015 Part 2_22

The Taggart Cousins!

I love that Autumn has such great cousins on both my side and Price’s side. She always has a blast with them from adventures in NY to running around the YMCA after breakfast. You can’t beat that! We are really looking forward to everyone playing together at the beaches and theme parks in FL. Can’t wait!

Christmas.2015 Part 2_23

We took a few family pictures on Monday morning before we left for our trip home. It was wonderful to get some pictures and annoy Autumn with lots of kisses!

Christmas.2015 Part 2_24 Christmas.2015 Part 2_25

These are by far my favorite photos of the weekend. Maybe ever. I want to eat her up!

Christmas.2015 Part 2_26

And of course I had to sneak a selfie in!

It was such a fantastic Christmas!


{Glasses from Firmoo, Sweater from Stitch Fix}


2 thoughts on “Christmas.2015 Part 2

  1. mom says:

    Awesome that u had a great time I’m glad. love the pictures. I’m glad that Autumn has the family that she needs w the spasianos and taggarts


  2. linda says:

    I was so glad to be able to fly up and be there Sunday morning to watch autumn open her gifts. thanks a lot for including me.
    and nicole glad you got to be part of a large family for your Christmas. I know how much it means to you to be around the Taggartsbyou have married into an awesome family. I’m glad you are able to have family bonds w the Taggarts and Spasianos.
    xxoo mom

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