Stitch Fix- May 2016

Stitch Fix Review- May 2016

I’m happy to report I had another great Stitch Fix shipment.

So I held off on posting it since I typically post about it right after getting it but I don’t get to then chime in about how much I have been using the things or what is working and isn’t. Just decided to change it up this month.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the receipt and I don’t have the descriptions and prices of the items from the shipment. And Stitch Fix is lame and doesn’t keep a record of it on line for you. I might just have to call them and big them about this!

But let’s dive in, shall we?!?

May 2016 Stitch Fix- 04 May 2016 Stitch Fix- 05

Waters Printed Maxi Dress from Papermoon $68 (Size S)

I typically struggle with getting maxi dresses to fit since most of them are made of Amazons, (I’m looking at you Old Navy!) but this was perfect for my height. That was a big selling point to me. Plus, it was just great looking! It was flattering and fun with the colors and pattern on it. This felt like a great option for the summer to wear to work on a Friday with some fun accessories to dress it up or just out and about on the weekends.

I’ve work this several times at work and on the weekends. It’s so comfy. I am going to be careful washing it as I think it will be an item that pills over time.

May 2016 Stitch Fix- 03

This dress, oh this dress!!!

I loved this dress the moment I took it out of the box.

I love the pattern and the fit. I like the length. I like the material. I like it all!

I have worn this repeatedly.

Firmoo Glasses Review_May 2016

Since I decided on the dresses mentioned, one of which is significantly more money than I would normally spend on a dress, or on a Fix, for that matter, I decided that I would have to be more selective on the other items I decided to keep.

Of the remaining 3 items, I decided on keeping this shirt.

I loved the fit, the pattern, the styling options. A clear winner

I wore it to Everything Food Conference in SLC (hence why this picture is different than the rest) and when I got home washed it and something in the wash attacked it. It has tiny red splotched all over it. WTF. I have put it through the laundry several times since hoping to get it out but no luck… yet.

I swear I am just cursed with my Stitch Fix stuff. UGH!!!!! I am seriously so annoyed about this. I can deal with shrinking my March Fix since that was my fault, but NOTHING was in the wash that could have caused this.

May 2016 Stitch Fix- )1 May 2016 Stitch Fix- 02

I liked the lace pattern on the top but I felt it was too casual. I typically save my Stitch Fix clothing for work stuff, or it has to be pretty awesome otherwise, since I

May 2016 Stitch Fix- 06

While I liked this shirt I didn’t think it was too flattering. Plus, I felt the quality of the material didn’t justify the expense.


I have another Stitch Fix coming in a 2 weeks. I am already looking forward to it!


Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Do you love it? Hate it? 

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix before and are interested in giving it a try then please use my referral code: 3059041. Thanks!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Stitch Fix- May 2016

  1. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie says:

    Love that second dress! And I do like the last top as well but if it doesn’t feel like a material worth the price then I totally would’ve done the same thing. IDK how they sell some of that stuff at the prices they ask.


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