Stitch Fix – July 2016


I was so excited to get this latest Stitch Fix!

My recent boxes have been great so I was looking forward to getting more awesome items to add to my closet.

I received this box in July and have been rotating my goodies in my wardrobe since.


Conor Eylet Detail Top from Skies are Blue  for $64.00 (Size S)

I have been telling my stylist that I don’t really want long sleeve shirts since I live on the surface of the sun. So for a brief second I was bummed I got one, BUT I chilled out quickly since it’s cotton and breathable. Plus it’s white. Totally doable in Florida.

stitch-fix-july-2016_02 stitch-fix-july-2016_03

I decided to keep this rather quickly since I liked the fit,

I’ve worn there to work once and several times on the weekend with jeans, as pictured above. It’s a nice neutral top so I typically accessorize it with bright sunglasses for a fun contrast.


Mula Knit Tank from Paper Moon $38.00 (Sized S)

Stripes! I totally dig the stripes on this top since they vary in color and size.


I’ve worn this more often on the weekends since I think it’s more casual than dressy but I’ve worn it to work with a black skirt, to go with the black striping.


Levi Ponte Dress from Brixon Ivy  $68.00 (Sized S)

I could go on and on and on about how much I love this dress!!

The shape, the material, the stripes, the color… it’s all fantastic.

And then there is a price, which is great for a dress like this.

And then there are the pockets. Pockets are life with a toddler who hands me stickers, chapstick, toy cars, 24/7.

I want to order a back up dress since I have a feeling I’ll probably spill something on it and then have a freak out.

Plus, I don’t have to wear a bra with this dress. A total win!


Alanzo Split Neck Cotton Tank from Skies are Blue $48.00 (Size S)

This top is similar to the button down tank I received in the Fix that arrived in April, which I thought was a bummer. But then I put it on and realized that I liked it so much more than that top in April. (Can I send that one back?! jk!)

I really like the detail in the neck line. It’ s simple but adds to the top to elevate it from just a plaid top to one that can be  dressed up for work as it’s more tailored.

I like the fit and style of this top a lot. Plus, it’s cotton!!

stitch-fix-july-2016_08 stitch-fix-july-2016_09

Vilia Lace Detail Knit Top from Papermoon $48.00 (Size S)

I don’t love this top that much. It’s a seems like I could get it from Forever 21, but it’s nice. I’ve already worn it several times. I guess, I don’t like the price of it more than anything since it looks like a top from Forever 21.

But the fit is great (loose), I like the detail (lace), and the color (pink!) so it works.


Merchandise Total: $266

Buy 5 Discount: 25%: -66.50

Styling Fee Credit -$20.00

Total $179.50


I decided to keep all 5 items from this Stitch Fix box. It was a real winner!

I just scheduled my next fix, which will arrive in a few weeks.

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