3.8-10: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} farewell drinks for Ben | home | Price made us burgers | lounge around | Grimm | Gelato | bed

{Saturday} breakfast sandwiches | haymarket | Price’s office | phone call with my mom | Market Basket | clean kitchen | vacuumed | naps| Kellie and Kaylie came over | crafting and making scrapbooks with Kaylie | dinner | Kellie and Kaylie leave | lounge & Gelato | fall alseep with Kempers

{Sunday} made breakfast | watch SNL | Pinterest-ing | get ready | go on a walk Downtown for photos | liquor store | grocery store | empanadas with coronas for lunch | blogging & photo editing | watch NASCAR race | naps | make BBQ sauce | leftovers for dinner | Pinning clothes for wach other | LOFT order | shakes | blogging | bed

talenti gelato price and kemper

 kemper in new coat kemper in the snow nap time

kemper playing Kaylie drawing Kemper in Trouble

crafty mess

jack daniels BBQ sauce homemade shamrock shake




ladies (and gents),

I need your help.

I’m in need of nail inspiration.

I love using Pinterest to find new designs and save them for later on my ‘Nails’ Board since I’m in a crazy nail stage (for me). I want to paint my nails all the time. Buy tons of nail polishes. Do my nails in fun and different ways.

Tonight, I started my nail’s with:

I love the Insta Dry polish since it really is instant, which works for me since I screw up my nails all the time and I eliminate that it with this product. I just need to get some nail art pens since using a tooth pick was not the easiest way of getting a consistent dot. Anyway, the color combo is not great since the black dots are lost against the purple, but I’m just happy to have my nails done again. I’m sure I’ll change them up again in a few days anyway.

So the point of this post-

Link me some of your favorite nail images! What are your favorite polishes and colors? Send me some fun designs!



Be my friend…

On Pinterest

I love Pinterest. I love that I can bookmark images to refer to them for later use. I love that I can organize them easily. I love seeing what everyone else pins.

My board for inspiring things for our new apartment (20 days to go!!)

My board for sweets that I find cute and would love to make.

My board for drinks. Summer is approaching so I’m on the look out for fun drink recipes


So become my friend on Pinterest. Just search for Nicole Spasiano.

If you are on Pinterest let me know by leaving me a comment and I will find you and follow your boards.

Pinterest is an invite only site so if you want an invite jsut leave me a comment saying so with your email and I will send you an invite.

Happy Pinning!