Monday Munchies: Skaneateles Bakery- Skaneateles, NY

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Okay, I took the summer off from my Monday Munchies post because the summer is always super crazy and I just didn’t want to half ass these fun posts. I wanted to share some great places while writing thoughtful, helpful posts about them. So I’m back! Enjoy!!

Whenever we head back to Price’s hometown for a visit I go to Skaneateles Bakery for some breakfast goodies. I love to walk down there so I feel like I’m off setting the donuts that I’m about to consume. All about balance people.

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But really my mile walk down there and back is hardly enough to put a dent into the calories for the pastries I get. I just go there and act like a kid in a candy store and go ‘ohh, I’ll take a half dozen donuts!… and a scone!… and a rice krispies treat!… and a cinnamon roll!… and a bacon egg and cheese!” As I walk down the counter I see more and more things I want so I just keep going ‘and’ as I add more and more things to my order.

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Trays, platters, and pedestals display a fun selection of baked goods that range from scones ($1.90), muffins, and cinamon rolls ($2.50). Price loves rice krispie treats ($2.50) so I always get him one of their massive ones to enjoy later on in the day.

Skaneateles Bakery_09

Their Bacon Egg and Cheese is elevated from your typical B.E.C as its made with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and Ciabatta. ($5.65) The cheese is melty and the bacon has a nice smoke flavor to round out the sandwich. The bread does a great job of soaking up the bacon grease and cheese too. Overall it’s a large sandwich so we end up splitting it as we are also enjoying a donut or two.

Skaneateles Bakery_10

I love that you can watch them make their cake donuts from their front window. I love to watch the donuts happily floating in the oil in the machine before they get dropped off into the big catch basin for them to get topped. I always get a half dozen ($4.50) so I can get some variety  in the box. They make a typical old-fashioned, powdered, glazed, cinnamon & sugar, as well as,  glazed with cinnamon & sugar, chocolate-glazed, chocolate-glazed with rainbow sprinkles, and coconut.

They are light and airy with plenty air pockets under that slightly crunchy fried exterior. The donuts are topped with fresh toppings and are the perfect size for you to have easily have 2-3 of these hot from the fryer babies.

Skaneateles Bakery_11 Skaneateles Bakery_12

Sprinkles make everything better.

Skaneateles Bakery_13

To round out a recent trip to the Bakery we enjoyed snacking on on of their home made raspberry poptarts. They make their poptarts with pie crust and their home made raspberry jam. It’s great for breakfast but also great to satisfy an afternoon sweet tooth craving. No matter when you enjoy it you’ll find that the homemade jam is the best filling for it. 

The Skaneateles Bakery is a real treasure as it serves locals and area visitors with great breakfast and lunch pastries, sandwiches, and drinks. Be sure to stop by and have a fresh cake donut for me.


Skaneateles Bakery

19 Jordan St

Skaneateles, NY 13152

(315) 685-3538


7.3-7: Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

get home then get Autumn | shopping at Old Navy | dinner: take out Spicy Chicken Sandwiches | Price packed bins for storage | pack for the weekend | take Kemper on 2.5 mile walk | stupid fireworks | finish packing | bed

140708_weekend recap_01

140708_weekend recap_02 140708_weekend recap_03


get up super early @4.20am | pump and get ready | get Autumn up and fed | load up the car | McDonald’s breakfast | road trippin’! | Starbucks | more driving | arrive | Autumn eats lunch | Doug’s Fish Fry take out | Tom aka G-pop meets Autumn | errands | back to Teasel Ln | get dinner at Tops:  rotisserie chicken and salad kit | walk from Highland to Teasel Lane House | go to CVS & get a sundae from Doug’s | blogging | watch the NASCAR Nationwide race | cuddles with Autumn | pump | blogging | bed

140708_weekend recap_04 140708_weekend recap_05

140708_weekend recap_06 140708_weekend recap_07

140708_weekend recap_08

140708_weekend recap_09 140708_weekend recap_10

140708_weekend recap_11

140708_weekend recap_12 140708_weekend recap_13

140708_weekend recap_14 140708_weekend recap_15


sleep in! | walk to Skaneateles Bakery | hang out and relax | someone hit Indy | lunch at The Glenhaven at the bottom of the lake | drop Tom back to Highland House | go to Teasel Lane House | blogging | Valentine’s Pizza for dinner | go for a walk & shopping | watch NASCAR coverage- rained out | bed

140708_weekend recap_16

140708_weekend recap_17

140708_weekend recap_18 140708_weekend recap_19

140708_weekend recap_20


up at 5am | breakfast with Tom at Hilltop Diner | drop off Tom | back to Teasel Lane House to pack up our stuff | go for a walk to the elementary school | playing around with Kemper | Autumn naps | blogging | go to Highland Street House | unpack, get set up | grilled hot dogs for lunch | walk to Mark and Allie’s house to hang out | dinner with Chase, Heather, & fam | back to Highland | go for a walk | Autumn fight sleep | bed

140708_weekend recap_21

140708_weekend recap_22 140708_weekend recap_23

140708_weekend recap_24 140708_weekend recap_25

140708_weekend recap_26 140708_weekend recap_27


up early | breakfast at Willow Glen Diner | back to pack up | Price & Tom to the UPS store and grocery store | Kemper sick- throwing up | Autumn sick | Autumn gets a bath | finish packing | leave for home | Price clean up car | keep driving | Mcdonald’s lunch | keep on driving | home | unpack the car | storms | dinner | laundry & dishes | take Kemper on a 40 minute walk | showers | bed

140708_weekend recap_28 140708_weekend recap_29 140708_weekend recap_30

140708_weekend recap_31 140708_weekend recap_32

140708_weekend recap_33


Monday Munchies: Doug’s Fish Fry- Skaneateles, NY

As part of my Monday Munchies series, I will feature a different eatery for a review on the first and third Monday of every month. Hope you enjoy!


So I skipped last scheduled installment of  Monday Munchies as I was having a blast with S’mores week. But I swear that this postponement is worth it as I am sharing with you a great place that serves fresh seafood in a great town nestled in the Finger Lakes of New York. I was introduced to Doug’s Fish Fry over 7 years ago when I went back to visit Pricer’s family for the first time. Since then I have been hooked on going there for lunch or dinner.



Doug’s is a Skaneateles, NY staple as it opened 30 years ago in 1982. Since then they have expanded their restaurant in size and to a Cortland, NY location. The Skaneateles location is really quaint with wood paneling and hand painted murals on the walls. The lines get long and the dining room gets busy but that just goes to show how great it is. Thankfully, they serve quickly so the lines move fast. Also, if you just want some ice cream you can go up to the side window to order.


I suggest eating at Doug’s, but if you can’t then you can get your order to go and walk down to the park along Skaneateles Lake. They wrap up your order in large sheets of wax paper. Take the bundle with you, pop a squat (who gets that?), and enjoy your dinner along with the view. The lake is always enjoyable and I highly suggest sitting along the waterfront and taking a walk down the jetty.

Their fish sandwich plate is always a favorite of ours. Also the shrimp and scallops plate are some of my favorites on the menu as well. The fish is always fresh as it gets shipped in all the time. I love that they only serve the best… the best seafood, the best fries, the best cole slaw. Basically, I just love it all. The fries are great with a dash of vinegar or with some tartar sauce. The coleslaw that they serve is great as well. We often get large to go orders of the cole slaw to go with BBQ’s at home as well.

Whatever you do don’t miss out on a sundae from Doug’s. I can’t resist their ice cream and sundaes. It just has this incredible hold on me. They sell pre-made sundaes that are really good but I suggest that you get a sundae made to order to the hot fudge is hot and makes your ice cream soupy in the best sort of way possible. I was once to excited to order a sundae that I ordered a large and once I saw it being assembled I had to cancel our 2nd sundae. They are so large that they are the perfect size to share. But I wouldn’t blame you if you kept it all just for yourself! 🙂

Doug’s Fish Fry

8 Jordan Street

Skaneateles, NY 13152

(315) 685-3288

8.10-13: Weekend Recap

leave work early (to leave early to beat traffic) | watch the news re: weather & tornado watches in central ma | decide to leave on Sat | fill up gas, engery drinks | grab dinner | go to bed | up at 3.40am | shower, feed rabbits, and away we go | on highway at 4.17am | drive and drive | wrap presents once we arrive at E’s | spent the day cuddling with baby Kenzi, playing with the boys, sitting by the pool, enjoying pizza and beer | bonfire at Jim & Keri’s | crash after a long day | get up early & get ready | breakfast sandwiches from Skaneateles Bakery | dump iced coffee on my bag – CRAP! | day at the Watkin’s Glen NASCAR race | back to E’s house | Price & I split a fish dinner and sundae rom Doug’s | see Kenzi & boys again | hang at Jim & Keri’s | bed | breakfast with E at Hill Top | gas and go back to Boston


7.6-8: Weekend Recap

Price left work early & got the car at home | picked me up at 2.30 | traffic made the drive an hour longer | arrived in Skaneateles | stop off at the white house | take out from Doug’s fish fry for dinner w Tom at the red house | 10pm packing up the boxes in the basement of the white house onto the truck | bed! | covering floor w paper | Skaneateles bakery & hardware store run | truck arrives | unpacking and packing up the truck with white house & red house things | pizza lunch | truck goes over from the red house to the white house | unpack large things into house | nap | graduation party | got ice cream for me & Price | NASCAR race | fell asleep on Pricer & missed the end of the race | breakfast with Tom at Hill Top | help set things up at the red house & played with the boys | back to white house to help unpack the rest of the truck into the basement | drive back home – drove through Brimfield to avoid traffic & Price got to see flea market set up | shower | hot dogs for dinner | blogging





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