every wedding should have bowling

I tried candle pin for the first time last night. I sucked at it, but I enjoyed playing in Instagram…

I also got to go to a wedding.

A monday night wedding.

A wedding in a bowling alley.

The first Yelp wedding.

It was amazing, fanastic, beautiful, and fun.

We had a blast.


The Circus is Coming to Towne- Yelp Event Recap

On Monday night Price and I went to Yelp Boston’s Elite event. This was the first non Elite only event of the new year, the first event to introduce the new Elite’s to the community. So there was no holding back!

The theme was “The Circus Comes to Towne”. Why TownE? Well it was held at te restaurant called Towne. This is a place I have been dying to get to but have been pushing it off since it’s really out of my price range… hello $25-40+ dinner entrées. Well, the chef owners, Lydia Shire and Jasper White, provided a fantastic venue, as well as the best food I have ever had at a Yelp event. Things ranged from tenderloin, curried cauliflower turnovers, caramel ice cream in pizzelle cookie cones, fried shrimp appetizers, hot dogs with a sweet pepper relish, Peking chicken tacos, and much, much more.

Plus, how can we talk about a Yelp Event without talking booze. I had one of the signature drinks, I believe it was called the bearded lady. They did not have a typical menu of specialty drinks, like usual, so I just had that one. Price, on the other hand, made it his mission to try all of the flavored vodkas that Hanger One supplied. In the end we think he rounded out the night with 8 vodka tonics. Hello Tuesday headache!

And of course, you can’t have a Circus themed event without cotton candy, popcorn and entertainers! I was head over heels in love that they had cotton candy!!! There were entertainers from The Boston Circus Guild that walked on stilts, did acrobatics, and some skillful hula hoop routines. There was also a guy doing magic! Lots of fun everywhere we looked!

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Feast on this


Last night Price and I went to Bokx 109 for a Yelp Elite Event. Events have ranged from a night at a hooka bar, brunches, a dinner cruise, a gym night,  and of course nights at restaurants. The Boston Yelp coordinator, Leighann, organizes the best events for the monthly Elite events. The night was a huge hit with the food from Bokx 109, sponsored booze (rum) by Don Q, and music by Justin Timberlake cover band The Timberfakes.


I don’t mean to gloat about the night but I just had to share some pictures from the event because it was so much fun and the food was beautiful and delicious.

The Timberfakes… dick in a bokx (yelp lunch box)


A Lemon Fizz made with Don Q Limon…. my favorite drink of the night!


I was glued to this chefs station. We watched him prep mini lobster pies, chicken tenders (nothing like the double arches!) with slaw, and wontons. I even got to ask him about caring for copper pots. LUV it.



There was another private event at Bokx so I got to watch the prep for that and try an extra dish. The manager was so nice to give some extras out to the bunch who were not acting like vultures! ha. Well price and I enjoyed the asparagus salad we shared. I had the soft-boiled egg that was rolled in panko and lightly fried and Pricer had the beef.

Can’t wait to see what the next event bring!!!!!