Cheesy Garlic Knots- SRC

For this month’s Secret Recipe Club I was given Suma Rowjee’s blog called Cakes and More. As usual I forwarded this info on to Price for him to pick out the recipe that I should make. I was happy that he went through her extensive recipe index consisting of breads, cakes, cookies, and many, many vegetarian dishes and picked out the garlic knots. We love garlic bread so I think that is made him pick out the garlic knots.




I’m glad he picked out that recipe since it was so easy. Which was great since I waited ’till the last minute, as usual, & started the dough last night! Ha! I made the knots this morning… Yummy breakfast! (I made Price some scrambled egg whites to go with it!) really, no matter when you eat these you will love them. Light, fluffy rolls with tons of garlic flavor. I added cheese to them before baking, because I just couldn’t resist!

I’m quite intimidated when it comes to making bread. I know I shouldn’t be but I don’t work with yeast often so I get a little nervous about it. But Suma had great instructions & a quick tweet to Amanda helped make things painless!




The dough was so easy to work with, in fact I did not knead the dough at all. I just worked the dough with an oiled rubber spoon for a while & it came together easily. With that I didn’t have to get my hands & counter super dirty then. I only worked the dough when I was forming the knots & that was easy with a bit of flour on the counter & my hands. Forming the knots was quick work and became intuitive quickly. The result was a garlicky knot that I would serve with dinner without a lot of fuss!




Cheesy Garlic Knots

makes 12 knots


For the dough:

  • 1 cup plus 2 tbsp. lukewarm water (110-115 degrees)
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 1 package of instant yeast
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • ¼ cup milk, lukewarm
  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • 1¼ tsp. salt
For the garlic glaze:
  • 4 tbsp. melted butter
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 pinch of black pepper
  • 1 pinch of red pepper flake
  • 1 pinch of oregano
  • grated Parmesan cheese


  1. Combine the water and sugar in a large bowl, add the yeast to proof.
  2. Once the yeast has proofed add the oil, milk, flour, and salt to the bowl. Using a large spoon to mix all the ingredients together. Mix with the spoon or knead for 10 minutes. Oil the bowl thoroughly, return the dough to bowl with a kitchen towel and let double in size. The first rise will take approximately 1 hour.
  3. Divide the dough into 12 balls by dividing the dough in half, then half again. Take each of those 4 sections and divide it into 3, resulting in 12 equally sized balls.
  4. To create the knot, take one dough ball and roll it out to 10″ long strip on a floured surface. At 40% through the strip bend the strip so the 60% portion is looped over the point where your started to bend the strip. Loop the loose end through the newly created center, then tuck that end under the outer loop. The remaining tail gets flipped over the loop and tucked into the center hole. Place on a greased baking sheet. Repeat for all knots.
  5. Cover the knots on the baking sheets with a kitchen towel to let them rise again for another hour.
  6. When you are ready to bake the knots, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Also prepare the glaze by combining all of the glaze ingredients, except the cheese. Brush the glaze on each knot, sprinkle a little bit of cheese on the glazed knots.
  7. Bake the knots for 11-13 minutes, or until they cheese is golden brown.


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37 Responses to Cheesy Garlic Knots- SRC

  1. I can see myself eating one too many of these little knots. >.> They sound awesome. Great SRC post too. 😀


  2. Ridha says:

    Those look yummy.. 🙂


  3. Melissa says:

    Wow, these sound great! I love the step-by-step photos, too. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Yum – I LOVE garlic knots. These look delicious!


  5. Megan says:

    These sound amaaazing!


  6. jenni says:

    These look awesome!! I have been wanting to try them for a while, I just need to get myself to do it! Great photos!


  7. Lisa~~ says:

    Your garlic knots look wonderful and I love the picture directions.

    If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to check out my group “A” SRC entry: Candied Popcorn.

    Cook Lisa Cook


  8. Casey says:

    yumm!! These look so cute! They seem like they would be perfect with some pasta 🙂


  9. Jo says:

    I see nothing wrong with eating these for breakfast, they look fantastic! Visiting from group C!


  10. You had these for breakfast? Best idea ever! They look so goo!


  11. oh, yum! these look fantastic. i bet they did make a great breakfast, although they’d be fab with pasta for dinner, too. delish!


  12. Sarah Ellis says:

    They look so fancy! Love it 🙂 I bet they are a great side to any meal!
    Happy Reveal Day!

    Sarah E.


  13. Mmmm garlic glaze… Great pictures!


  14. Great SRC pick and post–your step-by-step photos were wonderful!


  15. I used to be so intimidated by yeast too until I bought a problem was what I thought was warm water was actually cold 🙂

    These garlic knots look your step by step…have to make these soon!!!! Great pick for SRC!


  16. Nutmeg Nanny says:

    Way to go you! These look amazing!


  17. Shirley says:

    Gosh! great choice for SRC


  18. bakeaholicmama says:

    These look great! I love garlic bread so I should give this recipe a try!


  19. HI there, it’s Karen from Lavender and Lovage! GREAT SRC recipe and LOVELY be calling by again……:-)


  20. i am also slightly afeared of anything to do with yeast but i’m learning to trust the little guys because homemade bread – garlic knots or otherwise – are so friggin good, it just has to be done. i also hate cleaning flour up off my counter but again, must be done. I like your wooden spoon method 🙂

    happy src reveal, friend!


  21. Bean says:

    Yummy! These turned out beautifully!


  22. Sasha says:

    I’m scared of working with yeast too but you did a great job!


  23. shockinglydelicious says:

    Those knots look addictive! Visiting you from SRC Group D


  24. Lenore says:

    Those look SO good! I love garlic bread, but like you I’m always a bit intimidated by making my own bread dough.


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  32. Berglind says:

    How many gras is in 1 pkg of yeast you use
    Mine go all over in the oven and Im used to yeast baking


  33. domain says:

    Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article. Thanks for supplying this info.


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