Meet Kemper

Kemper dog

Normally, I’d have a Monday Munchies post today but I wanted to share all about Kemper instead. I could not resist!!

Kemper is our new Boston Terrier puppy. I am over the moon in love with him. Seriously, too sweet, too cute, and just so adorable.

We picked up our little 8 week old from the breeder on Saturday afternoon.

kemper eating_01 kemper eating_02

boston terrier puppies eating

We finalized last week’s decision when we picked him out when he came over to Pricer sitting on the floor when the other 2 were so determined on going wherever they pleased. While the other 2 had great spirit we picked mister mellow.

Kemper in the car_01 Kemper in the car_02

I snuggled up with him on the ride to Petsmart. We got him some little things like a shirt and coat to keep him warm.

Kemper wrapped up

He loves being wrapped up or covered up in the blanket that Emily made him.

kemper playing

He got settled quickly and was playful in the afternoon.


Kemper burrito_01

And then did a good job sleeping.

Kemper burrito_02

A really good job.

He slept well at night as well. We did a last trip out at night and made him run around like crazy so he would get tired out. Now, ‘run around like crazy’ means runs about 80′ total in the little yard in the front. ha! He slept from 12.15- 6.45. Yeah, he was really tired from an excited first day!

Price had Kemper all to himself yesterday as I was at work so I could get some work done as I’m out most of this week with the pup. He did well and moved around a lot, even making it up and down our driveway “hill”, ate well, and took plenty of naps.

kemper_01 kemper_02

He also slept well last night only getting up once at 12.35. Even then he calmed down quickly after I tucked him back in and gave him some pats on the back.

Well, so far so good. He met the rabbits and Jack seemed more welcoming than Bunny as Jack smelled him and Bunny thumped to show she was not happy with his presence. Kemper just had no idea what was going on as he never saw rabbits before, esp ones bigger than him. ha!

He is dozing in his crate now so I think I might get some scrapbooking done before taking him out again, and again.


6 thoughts on “Meet Kemper

  1. William Kelly says:

    What a cutie!!! So many years of awesomeness ahead. Your video’s bring back so many memories of my Otis back at that stage. You did right with the shirt, hold off on to many warm clothing items for him at the present, they grow so fast. But by getting him used to putting them on and off now is doing yourself a great favour in the long run.
    Enjoy him, love him and spoil him rotten!!!
    Otis will turn 5 this year, despite being blind now he is so much fun and such a great companion. I have no regrets, in fact I would be so lost without him. He is with me 24/7, sleeps under the covers, is just better than any best friend that I could ask for.


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