Blizzard 2013: Nemo

snow snow snow and some more snow. That is what the blizzard named Nemo dumped on the northeast this Friday and Saturday. It was the 5th largest snow storm in Boston’s recorded history dumping 24.9 inches of snow at Logan Airport.

What does that snow look like?


Pricer took these pictures at 2.30pm on Friday afternoon

Nemo 2013_Before_01

Nemo 2013_Before_02 Nemo 2013_Before_03


Pictures taken on Saturday starting at 11.15am

Nemo 2013_After_01 Nemo 2013_After_02

Our front door on the left, our kitchen door to back steps on the right. Since we couldn’t get out the front door and didn’t want to dump snow on the hardwood floors we went out the basement.

Nemo 2013_After_03


Which still had a lot of snow in front of it.

Nemo 2013_After_04 Nemo 2013_After_05

Nemo 2013_After_06

Nemo 2013_After_07 Nemo 2013_After_08

Nemo 2013_After_09

Nemo 2013_After_10 Nemo 2013_After_11

Looking up and then down our street.

Nemo 2013_After_12

Kemper was not too thrilled by the snow since he coudn’t get to the yard where he has been going to the bathroom. (Sure to take a back step in house-training him. Oh well, just gotta deal with it)


We spent some time shoveling more snow to the car could get out of the driveway now. We did have Kemper out with us for a bit and I got home pictures of him running on our front walkway. SQUEE!!!

Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_01

Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_02 Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_03

Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_04 Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_05 Nemo 2013_After_Kemper_06

Can’t wait for it to thaw!!!


4 thoughts on “Blizzard 2013: Nemo

  1. amanda says:

    So much snow! We got a few hours of snow today but it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Gotta love Colorado. Love Kemper in his coat!


  2. Aunt Tish says:

    Oh how I don’t miss that. Today 80 degrees – love Kemper in his coat. He is getting big already. Where is Price going to put all that snow????? Stay warm
    Love You!!!


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