Project Life 2013: Week 3

PL 2013- Week 3_Full Spread

I have totally been loving Project Life this year. I am not very far behind- just behind on posting- so everyhting is fresh and new for me to keep up with. Plus I have really been trying to make a point of having fun things in there and to do more to jazz up the cards. It is taking more time than last year but I have been enjoying the process.

So without further ado…

Week 3, Left Side:

PL 2013- Week 3_Left Side

When I was jsut taking the picture of the layout I realized that the ingauration photo was actually from 2009 since Sasha was standing on the box & then I noticed the coats. Thanks Google, so helpful that this is one of the to images for the search ‘Obama Ingauration Day 2013’. Well, I have the correct picture ready to print to I’ll make that swap!

Week 3, Right Side:

PL 2013- Week 3_Right Side

This was the week of my birthday, so this half of the page is focused on documenting that. I put in part of the card from my mom in the lower left pocket. The cupcake in the upper left pocket is from my coworker and behind is some journaling that is hidden. It was kinda really bitchy so I didn’t want that to be the focus of the page so I purposefully hid it. Just glad that this allows me to document lifes up’s and down’s.

Stay tuned for Week 4 tomorrow! 🙂


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