Project Life 2013: Week 3

PL 2013- Week 3_Full Spread

I have totally been loving Project Life this year. I am not very far behind- just behind on posting- so everyhting is fresh and new for me to keep up with. Plus I have really been trying to make a point of having fun things in there and to do more to jazz up the cards. It is taking more time than last year but I have been enjoying the process.

So without further ado…

Week 3, Left Side:

PL 2013- Week 3_Left Side

When I was jsut taking the picture of the layout I realized that the ingauration photo was actually from 2009 since Sasha was standing on the box & then I noticed the coats. Thanks Google, so helpful that this is one of the to images for the search ‘Obama Ingauration Day 2013’. Well, I have the correct picture ready to print to I’ll make that swap!

Week 3, Right Side:

PL 2013- Week 3_Right Side

This was the week of my birthday, so this half of the page is focused on documenting that. I put in part of the card from my mom in the lower left pocket. The cupcake in the upper left pocket is from my coworker and behind is some journaling that is hidden. It was kinda really bitchy so I didn’t want that to be the focus of the page so I purposefully hid it. Just glad that this allows me to document lifes up’s and down’s.

Stay tuned for Week 4 tomorrow! ūüôā


Project Life 2013: Week 2

project life 2013_week 2_full

So it’s snowing. In fact there is a lot of snow coming down now. Nemo has set up shop here and is dumping a ton of snow on us. A TON OF SNOW.

The best thing about the snow is getting to stay in and scrapbook. I’ve really been enjoying standing at my desk pulling out different papers and embellishments working on Project Life and creating new layouts.¬†Unforgettably¬†I did not plan well and have no photos. Crazy right!?!?

Well, either way. Lots of scrapbooking and baking going on this weekend and I love it.

This 2 page layout for Week 2 was fun to put together. Well, everything Project Life related is great but this was really great because I took some more time to create some more embellished inserts.

Week 2, Left Side: 

project life 2013_week 2_left side

Week 2, Right Side:

project life 2013_week 2_right side

bun 2x – Layout

Something magical happened on Monday night!

I actually began the process of unearthing my desk and getting to work on some scrapbooking layouts and Project Life. Price wanted to watch the episode¬†of The Walking Dead that he DVR’d and since that scares the bejesus out of me I went upstairs. I had to even put on some peppy FrankMusik¬†so I could drown out the sounds of zombie screams. (Frankmusik’s debut album “Complete Me” always picks me up. It’s been in the car’s CD play since summer of 2009. no joke. Don’t touch it!) So in between instagramming photos of the rabbits, I went through goodies that were piling up on my desk to be used. It was overwhelming but really nice.

Can’t wait to really dive back in and get crafty. Stay tuned!!

Ms. HH: Day 6- KP‚Äôs Sketchbook 4

{Day 6}

So I have this habit of getting too busy with too many things to do… traveling, blogging, participating in creating costumes in next week’s ¬†IIDA fashion show, starting to volunteer as a mentor for HS students, doing laundry and dishes, etc. What falls to the side? My crafty adventures that I love. Since there are only so many hours in the day, and while my crafts are a priority, I typically end up cutting that out. It blows. I wish it could just figure out how to juggle it all.

Well, this all has been bothering me so I got up early this morning and finished a scrapbooking layout that has been sitting in a pile of partially finished layouts for months. That pile was a very sad sight every time I go in to feed and play with the rabbits.

Pretty simple layout with a patterned background page and some layered embellishments. Once I saw the sketch I knew I wanted to use pockets that I had¬† from some Studio Calico kits to hold¬†journaling cards. From there I dug through more of my past kit elements and used an envelope instead of using a piece of cardstock or paper to layer upon. I added some brads, gems, washi, stickers, and alph’s. ta-da!

Just a few more sketches left to finish up the Kelly Purkey’s Sketch Book 4 class that I took this spring… spring. ugh! I am determined to do them all, eventually! Once the fashion show is over next week (wish us luck!), I’m hoping to carve out some time to be crafty more regularly. Gotta get back to scrapbooking layouts and Project Life.¬†Stay tuned!

A scrapbooking catch up

One of the biggest things that has been bothering me lately is my lack of scrapbooking, which has resulted in a drought in scrapbooking posts. I don’t feel like myself if I am not fiddling with paper. I was telling Kita that this weekend when we met at Big Summer Potluck when we discussing our hobbies. She was saying that she was itching to get back on her mountain bike after a day off on Friday & Saturday. At least last week I did quickly make the two of us little scrapbooks. But I have not been working on layouts. Sure,¬†I’ve been¬†slowly¬†continually¬†working on Project Life but not enough on dedicated to completing the weeks so nothing to post on here. I guess I just need to carve out some time to get creative, but it is so hard when we are always busy/away on the weekends and then playing catch during the week. #firstworldproblems

I love sharing what I make so I decided I needed to buckle down and finish some posts that have been in the ‘almost done’ pile. I had to wrap up my journaling or do some little finishing touches to these layouts and it feels good to get them done and slide those layouts in my albums.

First Game– ugh these are old pictures. Look how short my hair is! I created this in response to a Studio Calico Sunday Sketch but since this has been in the ‘almost¬†done’ pile for so long I have no idea what sketch it was!

I Love You This MuchРI really liked doing this layout. It was fun to link winter : knit accessories : thread & sewing. I just wish I picked a darker thread or a shimmery one for the ornaments since that thread there gets lost against the patterned paper. I made the ornaments from circle stickers and then I put washi on them.

The Big MoveРA simple double page layout. Also really old photos since these are from our move last year. I love simple pages like this with lots of alignment and plenty of photos. Nothing too special going on here but it is just nice to have our move documented.