3.22-24: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} drinks after work with Megan, Annie, Jake | home | Price made acorn squash for dinner | Grimm 2x | bed

{Saturday} up early | puppy cuddles | breakfast rice bowl | clean rabbits/ scrap room | scrapbooking & PL | when Harry Met Sally | get ready | Urban Grape | Shake Shack was too busy | Chestnut Hill Mall shopping | Papa Razzi  for lunch/dinner | Kate Spade earrings | blogging | Price made popcorn | The Amazing Spider-man | bed

{Sunday} up at 6.30 | grocery shopping at Market Basket | Katz’s bagels | unload the groceries | bagels and coffee for breakfast | Food Network shows | get ready | Bed Bath & Beyond | Kohl’s | Hannaford | home | made ham and cheese sliders for lunch | Stop and Shop make pie | blogging | NASCAR | dishes | turkey burgers for dinner | fold clothes with Price | brownie prep | shower| bed

breakfast rice bowl kemper nose

Urban Grape calamari at Papa Razzi

  price at Papa Razzi kate spade bag

 kemper sleeping squish


One thought on “3.22-24: Weekend Recap

  1. Brandy, Shake Shack says:

    Nicole, we’re thrilled with the welcome we’ve received in Chestnut Hill! This does mean it’s been pretty busy at the Shack, but we hope you’ll have the chance to visit our team soon.

    -Brandy, Shake Shack


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