Stitch Fix- April (2)

Since I just kept 1 item (an awesome necklace that I wear all the time now!) from my last Stitch Fix box I decided to do another Stitch Fix order for the month of April so I moved up my date and my package arrived on Monday.

This package was a hit and I like/loved everything in this box but fit and price dictated what i kept. I decided to keep 2 of the 5 items.

Here are my reviews for each item:

BCBGeneration- Monarch Flutter Sleeve Dress- $98.00

Stitch Fix_April 2_BCBGeneration Dress

Oh this dress! I picked it up and fell in love with it- loved the color, material, price, length, neckline. I was eager to try it on to see how it would fit.

Thankfully, it fit really well so I decided to keep it. I liked the V-neck shape and how it had a button to keep the pieces together. In about 2 weeks I have a little end of project cocktail reception for the project I’ve been working on for the past 2 years and I plan on wearing this dress.

41 Hawthorn- Orinda Stretch Banded Leggings- $48.00

 Stitch Fix_April 2_Leggings

Nice fit but a little too long. Such is the problem for someone who is 5′- 2″ish. Plus, I just bought 2 pairs of legging so I decided not to keep them.

I didn’t photograph myself in them since they are just leggings. I just did us all a favor.

Mystree- Kameron Pleated Detail Tank Top- $68.00

Stitch Fix_April 2_Sheer Blouse 1

I got my Stitch Fix on Monday and wore this top on Tuesday. WITH the necklace that I got in my last shipment!!

Stitch Fix_April 2_Sheer Blouse 2

So obviously I loved it. I didn’t think I would when I first took it out of the box since it’s 1) a blouse 2) sheer 3) white. However the fact that it was flowy made up for the fact that it was a button down blouse. It was sheer but they included a tank with it and it worked well since it had thin straps- which my tanks don’t normally have. It was white but I took the risk anyway and was super careful anytime I ate or drank anything.

THML Sloan Colorblock Tank Dress- $58.00

Stitch Fix_April 2_Color Block Dress

When I opened the box and saw this dress I was soooo excited. I loved the colors, material, detail at the neckline. The price was great too at $68. I just love dresses that look like this.

Unfortunately, it is a shift dress and they just don’t fit me as well as an A-line dress. So no-go. Which is why I didn’t photograph me wearing it. eh

Kensie- Orson Striped Slub Knit Sweater- $58.00

Stitch Fix_April 2_Sweater

I liked this sweater but I didn’t at the same time. Like the colors, texture, short sleeves, but I didn’t feel the stripes were doing my any favors.


My total was $146. Had I kept the sweater (+$58) it would have been $204 and I just could not justify that for 3 things. However, had the Color Block Dress (also $58) fit I would have kept everything since the total for all 5 would have been $232.50 since that would have included the 25% off discount you get when you purchase all 5 items.

I scheduled my next fix for mid May. I told my stylist the following…

More accessories please. I love the necklace I got in my 2nd fix.
Like the dresses that have been coming, but no shirt or shift dresses please. Like wrap and A-line.
I like maxi skirts. NOT maxi dresses


Check out my previous Stitch Fix reviews:

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So if this process sounds like a fun way to try on some clothes then sign up for the wait list, fill out some surveys, and then you are on your way to scheduling your first Stitch Fix box right to your door. My referral code is 3059041. Pretty, pretty please use it if you sign up. Thanks :-)

Have fun!


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