7.12-14: Weekend Update

{Friday} meet Price at the garage | taco bell take out | write out weekend to do list | Price went to Home Depot & CVS | lounge around and catch up on the DVR | bed

{Saturday}  up early | haymarket | boloco for breakfast | get dry cleaning and packages at my office | dry cleaners | home to unpack the car | Price starts to work on setting up the projector | cut the rabbits nails | clean the tub | make peach and raspberry sorbet | get ready | finish making guac | party at Cheri’s house | home | relax | bed

{Sunday} up early | price set up the projector | made breakast- mushroom and cheddar scramble with home fries | random house clean up | watch NASCAR race | lunch | nap | go to the grocery store | price does tons of laundry | finish watching the race | make peach and blueberry cobbler | hot dogs for dinner | talk to mom | make pudding for banana pudding trifle | watch The Newsroom | fold loads of clothes | bed

mountian dew

 kemper kemper at the party

 mac and cheese the boys

20 week bump


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