4.16-20: Mom Visiting Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

get home | tidy up | get Autumn from daycare | Mom arrives | Play around with Autumn | Price comes home | Autumn has dinner, bath, goes to bed | dinner | hang out | Mom goes to bed | watch DVR’d Grey’s | go to bed

150421_long weekend recap_01

150421_long weekend recap_02


up at 6.15 | go to project | work | get Autumn from daycare | dinner: pork cutlets, roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts | watch Grimm | Triple D | blogging | bed

 150421_long weekend recap-3 150421_long weekend recap-4

150421_long weekend recap-5


 up a 6.30 | shopping at Haymarket | Juicery | walk on rose Kennedy Greenway | Christopher Columbus Playground | home | play around | lunch | Trader Joe’s | Jo Ann’s Fabric | home | grilling | dinner | Autumn has a bath & goes to bed | hang out| bed

150421_long weekend recap-6 150421_long weekend recap-7

150421_long weekend recap-8 150421_long weekend recap-9

150421_long weekend recap-10 150421_long weekend recap-11

150421_long weekend recap-12

150421_long weekend recap-13 150421_long weekend recap-14

150421_long weekend recap-15

150421_long weekend recap-16


up at 5.15am | breakfast | Target for Lilly stuff 😦 | home | Autumn naps | Target | wedding dress alterations at David’s Bridal | home | late lunch while Autumn naps | paint with Autumn | dinner & bath| blogging work | Naked and Afraid marathon | bed

 150421_long weekend recap-17 150421_long weekend recap-18

150421_long weekend recap-19

150421_long weekend recap-20 150421_long weekend recap-21

150421_long weekend recap-22


Marathon Monday

up early | make breakfast | PRice goes to work | mom wakes up | kitchen clean up | Autumn naps | food prep | watch Marathon coverage | drop mom off at the airport | eat lunch | go to work | go to CVS | shopping at Loft | meet Price to go home | arrive home | Autumn has dinner | get Mani Pedi | Market Basket | dinner | watch Mad Men | bed

 150421_long weekend recap-23 150421_long weekend recap-24

150421_long weekend recap-25

150421_long weekend recap-26

150421_long weekend recap-27 150421_long weekend recap-28


5.23-26: Memorial Day Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Price came home early | took a little nap with Autumn | made tortelini with sauce for dinner | watch DVR’d shows | bed

140527_weekend recap_01 140527_weekend recap_02

140527_weekend recap_03


veggies from Haymarket | made hashbrowns and a mushroom and cheese omlet for brunch | I got a pedicure | take Autumn on a walk while Price did house stuff | grocery shopping | make macaroni salad | sausage patties with beans and macaroni salad for dinner | lounge around watcihng TV | bed

140527_weekend recap_04

140527_weekend recap_05 140527_weekend recap_06

140527_weekend recap_07

140527_weekend recap_08

140527_weekend recap_09 140527_weekend recap_10

140527_weekend recap_11

 140527_weekend recap_12 140527_weekend recap_13


up really early | made pancakes for breakfast | swim lesson for Autumn | watch the Monaco race | watch the Indy 500 race | made art for our room | steak for dinner | watch NASCAR race | watch part of mad men | bed

140527_weekend recap_14

 140527_weekend recap_15

140527_weekend recap_16 140527_weekend recap_17

140527_weekend recap_18 140527_weekend recap_19


made a quick fruit salad for breakfast | go to 2 dog parks | Price mowed & did yard prep work | finish watching mad men | made guac|  hot dogs for lunch | price mowed the front lawn hang up stuffs for Autumn’s gallery wall | give Autumn a bath | fold like a bajillion loads of clothes | bed

140527_weekend recap_20

140527_weekend recap_21 140527_weekend recap_22 140527_weekend recap_23

10.25-27: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} home | Price tidied up the den and moved the rabbits from 2nd floor down to the basement | I made salad | tidying up the kitchen and living room while ‘watching’ Grey’s and Scandal | folding baby clothes | go to bed early

{Saturday} up at 4.35 with Kemper | back to bed | get out of bed at 7am | Starbucks for PSL’s | brought Kemper to the dog park | Haymarket for veggies | Mike’s Pastry for lobster tail | home | start cleaning for hours | grocery shopping | Price folding loads of clothes | prep for dinner | get ready | Cstherine and Ed come over for dinner | snack on cheese and crackers while chatting | dinner: chicken with shallot wine sauce, roasted lemony aparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and rice | dessert | Cath and Ed leave | lounge around while watching the Sox game | sleep | more Sox game | bed

{Sunday} slept in ’till 8 | breakfast : coffee, cheesy eggs, bacon, tots | watch Grimm | Home Depot to pick out and get paint | go to work at 12.30 | Price painted 2 walls of the baby’s room | home at 7.30 | watch DVR’d NASCAR race | dessert for dinner | blogging | watch Red Sox | bed

kemper face

 folding baby clothes halloween oreos



7.12-14: Weekend Update

{Friday} meet Price at the garage | taco bell take out | write out weekend to do list | Price went to Home Depot & CVS | lounge around and catch up on the DVR | bed

{Saturday}  up early | haymarket | boloco for breakfast | get dry cleaning and packages at my office | dry cleaners | home to unpack the car | Price starts to work on setting up the projector | cut the rabbits nails | clean the tub | make peach and raspberry sorbet | get ready | finish making guac | party at Cheri’s house | home | relax | bed

{Sunday} up early | price set up the projector | made breakast- mushroom and cheddar scramble with home fries | random house clean up | watch NASCAR race | lunch | nap | go to the grocery store | price does tons of laundry | finish watching the race | make peach and blueberry cobbler | hot dogs for dinner | talk to mom | make pudding for banana pudding trifle | watch The Newsroom | fold loads of clothes | bed

mountian dew

 kemper kemper at the party

 mac and cheese the boys

20 week bump

3.8-10: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} farewell drinks for Ben | home | Price made us burgers | lounge around | Grimm | Gelato | bed

{Saturday} breakfast sandwiches | haymarket | Price’s office | phone call with my mom | Market Basket | clean kitchen | vacuumed | naps| Kellie and Kaylie came over | crafting and making scrapbooks with Kaylie | dinner | Kellie and Kaylie leave | lounge & Gelato | fall alseep with Kempers

{Sunday} made breakfast | watch SNL | Pinterest-ing | get ready | go on a walk Downtown for photos | liquor store | grocery store | empanadas with coronas for lunch | blogging & photo editing | watch NASCAR race | naps | make BBQ sauce | leftovers for dinner | Pinning clothes for wach other | LOFT order | shakes | blogging | bed

talenti gelato price and kemper

 kemper in new coat kemper in the snow nap time

kemper playing Kaylie drawing Kemper in Trouble

crafty mess

jack daniels BBQ sauce homemade shamrock shake