8.23-25: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work early | Price gets home late | get take out pizza | dinner | work on Project Life | relax & watch TV | bed

{Saturday} Kemper was up early | shower & get ready | pack up the car | left over pizza for breafast | leave around 7am | sleep in the car | Greenwich at 10.15am | hang at the boat waiting for family to come | boat ride to The Cove, lunch, newphews swimming around, ride around the islands in the Sound | last minute grocery shopping | dinner- hamburgers, sausage, salads, lobsters, ice cream cake | play around for hours | get towels and talk with my sister | back to the boat | bed

{Sunday} up early | lounge around | breakfast sandwiches from The Firehouse Deli | leave Greenwich at 10am | Sonic for drinks | get rabbit pellets at Sweet Meadow Farm | Price gets workboots | home & unpack the car | drop Price off at work | grocery shopping for the week | lounge/nap time | laundry | work on Project Life | make pumpkin roll | pick up Price from work | blogging | MTV VMA’s | redline drawings | bed

Kemper Face_Car Kemper in Car

Kemper on Boat lobster

birthday cake

Cara- cake Cara playing


Kemper sitting on Boat

Kemper eating ice

Kemper Sleeping

Kemper Sleeping_01

26 week bump


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