8.30-9.2: Labor Day Weekend Recap

{Friday} leave work at 12 | home | cleaning the house with Price | pick up mom at airport at 5.45 | back home to drop off mom’s bags & relax | dinner at Angela’s | relax | bed

{Saturday} up early | mom and I go to Haymarket at 7 | breakfast at Donna’s Restaurant |  hang around | drive into Boston, park at work | shopping at The Pru: Magic Beans, Barnes and Noble, Sephora | amazing, long dinner at Forum | pick up fashion show supplies at work | home | lounge around | bed

{Sunday} make breakfast- scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheddar with bacon, hashbrowns | watch Sunday morning | grocery shopping at Stop and Shop |  The Decedents | snacks for lunch : fresh salsa and guac & spinach dip with veggies | lounging around & watching Food Network | dinner: grilled steak, grilled vegetables | NASCAR race | fell asleep on sofa at 9pm | bed

{Monday- Labor Day} wake up | late breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheddar with bacon and english muffins | shopping: Target & Petsmart | reading and lounging around | lunch/dinner- grilled chicken, tomato salad with fresh pesto, grilled veggies | ice cream | bed


forum dinner forum dessert

IMG_0366 IMG_0369

kemper sleeping sunflower

mom and kemper 01 mom and kemper 02

target baby coupons shopping with mom

 talenti gelato german chocolate cake

mom and me


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