9.6-8: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work a bit early | bus ride home | get wine | make chicken marsala with egg noodles | Price packs up | Price and Kemper leave for home visit | lounge around watching Harry Potter | bed

{Saturday} sleep in | make breakfast pasta (insprired by joy the baker) lounge around watching food network and HP marathon | prep yeast waffles | late lunch/early dinner at Saus | go to work for deadline work | work from 5.30-8.30 | Fed Ex | listen to Vampire Weekend do 3 songs at Boston Calling Music Festival | catch T & bus home | watch NASCAR race | bed

{Sunday} sleep in | make yeast waffles | work on fashion show wigs | walk to zip car | go to The Big G summer picnic | drop car off by 4 | bus home | more HP while working on wigs | Price and Kemper get home | lounge around and recap our weekend’s | bed

 grammar issues revolving doors

pasta for breakfast

 snack time messy desk

yeast waffles

  mit endicott house Gensler Boston Summer Picnic


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