1.30-2.1: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

home | get Autumn from daycare | coloring with Autumn | dinner | bath | Price puts Autumn to bed | Pizza Hut take out | Grimm | bed

150202_weekend recap-1


up early | grocery shopping at Market Basket | Autumn naps, Price shovels, up pack groceries | make breakfast | Price at work to make up time (snow day!) | leftover pizza for lunch | make biscottis & 7 layer bars | Price gets home | dinner | work | talk to dad | bed

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150202_weekend recap-10 150202_weekend recap-11

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up at 6am | bottle and breakfast | make Paleo Coconut Waffles | clean up | Price shoveling the walkway | Autumn naps | brunch with Boston Brunchers | work for a few hours to make up time (snow day!) | Autumn has a bath then dinner | make Price wings | Super Bowl (boo!) | make cookies | bed

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150202_weekend recap-20


9.5-7: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

pick up Autumn from daycare | get beach read | photograph pie | go to beach |  Autumn gets a bath, dinner, then put to bed | Trader Joe’s pizza | blogging | start watcing Wolf of Wall Street | bed

140908_weekend recap_01

140908_weekend recap_02


Autumn slept very poorly- up a lot, slept on sofa with her | up early | chocolate chip muffins for breakfast | quick morning nap | go to work 10.15-2.45 | daddy, daughter time: playing, lunch, quick nap, playing | Taco Bell | 3.6 mile walk with Autumn | Price cleaned, showered | Autumn dinner, bath, bed |Pie for dinner | watch more Wolf of Wall street | NASCAR | bed

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140908_weekend recap_04

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140908_weekend recap_06 140908_weekend recap_07

140908_weekend recap_08 140908_weekend recap_09

140908_weekend recap_10 140908_weekend recap_11

140908_weekend recap_12

140908_weekend recap_13 140908_weekend recap_14


Autumn slept through the night | up early | Autumn has breakfast | get ready | walk around Fort Point while waiting for Flour to open | breakfast at Flour | passport paperwork and pictures at the post office | back home | drop price off for hair cut | Kappy’s for wine | Trader Joe’s for groceries | pick up Price | home | Autumn lunch | our lunch- chicken sausages with sauteed zucchini | Autumn naps | finish Wolf of Wall Street | Price napped- didn’t feel good | baking | blogging | dinner, bath, bed | more blogging | bed

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140908_weekend recap_16 140908_weekend recap_17

140908_weekend recap_18

140908_weekend recap_19

140908_weekend recap_20

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140908_weekend recap_24

9.6-8: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work a bit early | bus ride home | get wine | make chicken marsala with egg noodles | Price packs up | Price and Kemper leave for home visit | lounge around watching Harry Potter | bed

{Saturday} sleep in | make breakfast pasta (insprired by joy the baker) lounge around watching food network and HP marathon | prep yeast waffles | late lunch/early dinner at Saus | go to work for deadline work | work from 5.30-8.30 | Fed Ex | listen to Vampire Weekend do 3 songs at Boston Calling Music Festival | catch T & bus home | watch NASCAR race | bed

{Sunday} sleep in | make yeast waffles | work on fashion show wigs | walk to zip car | go to The Big G summer picnic | drop car off by 4 | bus home | more HP while working on wigs | Price and Kemper get home | lounge around and recap our weekend’s | bed

 grammar issues revolving doors

pasta for breakfast

 snack time messy desk

yeast waffles

  mit endicott house Gensler Boston Summer Picnic

2.1-3: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} wine | work late | Prudential mall | cologne testing for Price | wagamama dinner | home | relax | bed

{Saturday} eggs for breakfast | watch food network shows | cleaning, vacuuming,  take out trash | get ready | at breeder at 1pm | get Kemper!!! | petsmart | adjusting to having Kemper home | naps | pasta with sauce for dinner | Idiot Abroad | up late | bed

{Sunday} breakfast | Price dropped me off at work by 10am | Price ran errands & cleaned boloco for lunch | leave work at 6.45 | watch superbowl | make cookies | play with Kemper, lots of trips out | bed

friday night wine kirin beer

escada perfume wagamama dinner_01

breakfast omelet

copper hanging up

kemper car ride kemper sleeping

kemper sleeping in shirt kemper wrapped up sleepingkemper sleeping in coat

boston at night

superbowl snacks kemper sleeping on my lap

1.11-13: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}  Emily and Price get home | catch up | Indian take out | watch Hook | bed

{Saturday} get up | drop Em off | work from 8.30 to 3pm | left overs | shower & get ready  | Mark’s Birthday Party | football | bed

{Sunday} get ready | Katz’s bagels | work by 9am | work work work | leave work at 6pm | Whole Foods | home | stir fry and robert redford pie | clean rabbit cage | Golden Globes | dishes | pinterest | Girls | bed

urban grape

drink happy birthday mark

annie dog 02

annie dog louie

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