10.4-6: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work early at 2.30 with Price | get take out from Crown Fried Chicken for lunch/dinner | naps | watch Scandal | Price set up the Wii & watched Breaking Bad episodes | went to bed early

{Saturday} oatmeal for breakast | lounge around | get ready for apple picking | Sonic | apple picking at Cider Hill Farm | shopping at Carter’s and Khol’s | Hannaford for grocery shopping | take out from Prince’s Pizzeria | pizza for dinner | Price made dough for beignets | blogging & picture editing | bed

{Sunday} up early | news | meet Finely (Kemper’s cousin) at Revere Beach for some puppy play time | Price made beignets | lounge and nap on and off until 4pm while watching football & NASCAR | dishes and laundry | made our first Blue Apron dinner | clean tub & upstairs bathroom while Price cleaned the rabbits’ cage | watch Grey’s | shower | bed

fried chicken kemper in bed

bob's mill oatmeal

sonic limeade

 apple picking_01 apple picking_02

apple picking_03 pumpkins

sitting with pumpkins apple cider donuts


blue apron box

making beignets

 Kemper Kemper and Finley

kemper tired

frying beignets beignets_01

beignets_02 lazy sunday

making dinner steak salad


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