4.11-13: Weekend Recap


Work from home during the day | drop off milk for donation | Autumn finished 4th month vaccines (2 shots) | pizza | Grimm

140414_Weekend Recap_01

140414_Weekend Recap_02


morning snuggles in bed| eftover pizza for breakfast | cleaning around the house | nap with Autumn | Old Navy & Costco with Autumn | laundry | took a walk on the beach | got ice cream | watch the Darlington NASCAR race | bed

140414_Weekend Recap_03 140414_Weekend Recap_04 140414_Weekend Recap_05

140414_Weekend Recap_06

140414_Weekend Recap_07

140414_Weekend Recap_08 140414_Weekend Recap_09


Up early | blueberry muffins | morning snuggles, nap | Price hung up pictures | dog park | give Kemper a bath | Price got his hair cut, went to Home Depot | made Chia pudding | Autumn didn’t want to nap – finally took a super long nap | I had a short nap, Price had a long nap | Turkey Teriyaki Meatballs for dinner | cleaning | mad men | bed

140414_Weekend Recap_10

140414_Weekend Recap_11

140414_Weekend Recap_12

140414_Weekend Recap_13


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