11.8-10: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get home | large format engagement photos have arrived | dinner | Autumn bath & to bed | laundry | draft holiday card | Grimm | bed


sleep in until 6:20am | bagels for breakfast | Price goes to Home Depot | Ikea for picture frames and misc party items | Price to a different Home Depot for tool box | brop off rabbit hay and pellets to Libby | Tasty Burger for lunch | Price mows lawn, plants roses, and cleans shed | frame three family pictures | Price gets Frank up and running again (dead battery) | lots of laundry | start watching American Hustle | begin cricut cutting items for Autumns birthday party | bed at 11:00pm


Price walks Kemper | Price fixes Autumn’s mobile | waffles for breakfast | Price spray paints chairs | Finish 3 of the four cushions for chairs | laundry | acorn squash, roasted broccoli, and meatballs for lunch | nap with Autumn | go food shopping at Costco | Price goes to Home Depot (again!) | Chicken and salad for dinner | Autumn to bed | mug cup-a-cake | work for a few hours | bed


10.31-11.2: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work @ 3, missed bus | get home, pump, get Autumn | get Kemper from vet | Price gets home |  Autumn is a mermaid | left overs for dinner | hand out candy to Trick or Treaters | Autumn to bed | pump | Fell asleep on sofa before 9! | Price watched scary shows | pump | go to bed

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Price up with Autumn at 5.35 | I slept in until 7.50! | overnight oats for breakfast | Autumn naps | finish Autumn’s cornice |get ready | go to Chelsea Library for Family Literacy Day | Walmart | Trader Joe’s | Carter’s | home|  Autumn naps | Price made TJ’s shrimp fried rice for lunch | fold & put away Autumn’s clothes | Price gives Autumn a bath & puts her to bed | sew blanket | make dinner | watched part of Django Unchained | bed

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141104_Weekend recap_10 141104_Weekend recap_11

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up at 4.35 (stupid day light savings!) | made breakfast – overnight oats and ham & cheese omelet | SNL | Autumn & Price napped 7- 8.15, I did blogging work | cut Bunny’s nails. |  shower & get ready | Price & Autumn went to Stop & Shop and Home Depot, I got to cook | lunch | Autumn naps | Price went to Home Depot again | Price cleans the heaters and vaccums upstairs | Autumn has dinner- bread, sauce, cheese | dinner- marinara with meatballs | Autumn to get at 6.15 | reload dishwasher | blogging | watch end of the NASCAR race | Grimm | laundry | pay bills | bed

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5.16-18: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

made homemade pizza for dinner | hang up mobilein Autumn’s room | watch season finale of Grimm | laundry & cleaning | bed

140519_weekend recap_01


Price made breakast- eggs, hashbrowns, bacon | Boch Toyota to lease our new car | home to pump | lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s | watched the Belmont Steaks |

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140519_weekend recap_04

140519_weekend recap_05

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140519_weekend recap_08


Price made breakfast- cresents with jam | took nap with Autumn | Price cleaned the kitchen | shopping at Market Street in Lynnfield | Wagamama for lunch | Price went to Home Depot | pizza for dinner | gave Autumn a bath | Price gave Kemper a bath | work, blogging | made chicken taco filling for dinners this week | Mad Men | bed

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4.11-13: Weekend Recap


Work from home during the day | drop off milk for donation | Autumn finished 4th month vaccines (2 shots) | pizza | Grimm

140414_Weekend Recap_01

140414_Weekend Recap_02


morning snuggles in bed| eftover pizza for breakfast | cleaning around the house | nap with Autumn | Old Navy & Costco with Autumn | laundry | took a walk on the beach | got ice cream | watch the Darlington NASCAR race | bed

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140414_Weekend Recap_06

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Up early | blueberry muffins | morning snuggles, nap | Price hung up pictures | dog park | give Kemper a bath | Price got his hair cut, went to Home Depot | made Chia pudding | Autumn didn’t want to nap – finally took a super long nap | I had a short nap, Price had a long nap | Turkey Teriyaki Meatballs for dinner | cleaning | mad men | bed

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8.2-4: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} Price got drinks w co-workers | worked late | Home Depot for rose bush & other home stuff | mac and cheese for dinner | relax | bed

{Saturday} up early | cereal for breakfast | work to reorganize the basement for several hours | laundry | make cupcakes | get ready | Kaylie’s Birthday Party | relax and watch DVR’d shows | fall asleep on the the sofa | bed

{Sunday} Price got up at 5 and sprayed the weeds | breakfast | Price took a nap |  Target | get ready | beach date day @ Revere Beach | lunch and a shared shake from Twist and Shake | home | NASCAR race | I took a nap | Price went to the grocery store | dinner: bacon egg and cheese sandwiches w side salad and soup | shower | laundry & folding clothes | watch The Newsroom | bed

making frosting

 birthday party_01 birthday party_02

birthday party_03


my dresser price's dresser

bedroom towards windows