Brimfield Finds

Yesterday I went to Brimfield for my 4th time. It was such a great day- the weather was fantastic and the best part was getting a great deal on the things we purchased. Finding deals and cool things is just too much fun!

Here are some pics of the treasures we left with

4 chairs- $10 each

Got these from some guy named Bob. He was a real sweet heart and was so nice about setting the chairs aside. I think we crushed him a bit when he asked what we were doing with the chairs and I said painting them and putting new upholstery on them. 

typewriter- $40

I saw this early on and told myself not to get it. I have always wanted one but really??? Well I went back before heading to the van and it was still there calling out to me so i caved and I am so glad that I did get it. I can’t wait to use this for scrapbooking! too much fun!

milk bottles- $4 each

Byrne Dairy originated from central New York so these are so cool since Pricer is from there.


copper pots and pans set- 13 pieces + hanging rack- $100

I don’t really believe that things that happen for a reason but this is one of those things that does make me believe that things happen for a reason. Long story short…while the seller was wrapping up the milk bottles I just remarked how beautiful the pots were hanging in the back of the tent. He simply replied ‘oh yeah they’re $100.’ I nearly fainted. I had to gather my jaw off the dusty field and pull out my checkbook fast! 

Brownie Camera- $23

Such a steal since these can go from $25-$40. Saw a few others selling just the camera for $25 but this vendor had the whole set up – box, 6 flashes, and a roll of film- and for $25. Talked him down a bit. win!!

3 coffee sacks- $5 each

These were a steal since we saw them from another vendor for $15 each. A good lesson in looking around before buying something at first glance. The guy told us that he got these from Houston as coffee is imported there. We are going to use the 1 on the left to hide an electrical panel in our finished basement & the ones on the right for our revamped chairs.

jewelry factory boxes- $5 each

Also, got these from the coffee sack guy. I am going to use these for organizing craft/scrapbooking projects.

creamery metal basket- $15

 Also from the same coffee bag guy. This is going in the basement bathroom to hold towels for when people visit. 

post cards- $13

Loved the seller. He was so fantastic and funny. His passion for post card art is incredible. He knew so much about them and it was fun to see what

old picture- $5

I loved this photo of these rabbits. It actually is a goof as it is a negative print. The rabbits are white but they came out black and everything else (cage, trees) came out white. So cool! I picked up a  frame from Ikea for this.

Silverware- $1 each

Going to use these for props for food photos.

P & T typewriter keys- $1 total

Planning on making cufflinks for Pricer with these

insulators– $2 each

Another reason to browse all around when you see something cool. Saw these for $8 in one area and got these elsewhere for $2 each. sweet!

Brimfield is going on until Sunday the 15th so you should swing by since it is just over an hour west of Boston. It is also held Sept 4th-9th this year. They also announced their 2013 dates so get to planning your visit!

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Brimfield’s weirdest and finest

Yesterday I went to the Brimfield Antiques Show for the third time. I absolutely love it. I love hunting around for the best bargains, most unique finds, and spotting the weirdest things that people are hawking.


I was talking Brimfield up with my coworker so we decided to go together. We each had specific things that we were looking for so there was some hunting for both of us. As usual I looking around for Pyrex and blue ball jars.


Along the way we found some other things to purchase. We both picked up old maps. I got a map of Greece published in 1958 that I will use for scrapbooking and a map of North America published in 1964. I’m not particularly sure what I will use that for but I could not pass it up. Grabbed them for 2 for $5.


Olena picked up a map to frame and she hit up some jewelry booths. Her mission critical item was a book to modify to use as an album for her recent trip to Iceland. Her prefect find cost under $5. Big wins all around.

I highly suggest that everyone checks out Brimfield at least once. It’s a lot of fun, plus where else can you see this??

PS. I saw Diane Keaton there. She is stunning. I tired to give Olena a ‘look over there eyes’ only to realize I was wearing sunglasses, which I hardly ever do. I fail.

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Brimfield: From Balls Jars to Raspberry Lime Rickeys

Emily and I went to Brimfield again this year becuase we loved the experieince last year so much. It’s just a massive conacopia of crap. Some good, so bad, all with a pretty funny story. Here goes…

(L) A 1800’s ‘casket’ used in transporting the dearly departed to furneral homes. They advertised that this would make for a great hallow decoration. (R) Pretty amazing magnifying glasses that this man makes with handles from old knives.

(L) A small Pyrex dish for $3. I should have gotten it! (R) A thread spool organizer could be yours for $500+

Possibly the cutest thing all day. This hutch had storage for flour and sugar. The flour is on the left with the built in sifter. The cabinets had storage and some cooking information/instructions. $1600

Raspberry Lime Rickey $3 in process and in consumption

(L) A quick self portrait (R) A coral lamp

(L) Emily trying out a new hobby? Testing out a toy gun (R) Rabbits and other animals. I’m particularly sure what they are from. $40
Check out Emily’s Flickr album to see pics of a corpse bride, a very flexible mannequin, and an old mustang.

Weekend Recap

I would have to say this weekend was a sucess. I had a great time with pricer before he left for another week. Plus I got do a bunch of fun things.

Starting with Friday night… We originally talked about going to see The American but the movie times didn’t work for is since we planned on making calzones for dinner. (I got up early on Friday morning to make the dough. It was the first time ever and I’ll be doing it again and again now. I could see the difference from the store bought kinds.) So we stayed in to have calzones and watch Date Night. I cracked up throughout the whole movie.

Then we took a walk into Coolidge Corner for frozen yogurt. I got my usual, mango/plain swirl with blackberries, kiwi, starwberries, but this time I got some mango too. Price got banana/chocolate swirl with some chocolate toppings.

On Saturday morning I went to Brimfield with Emily. This was our second time so we knew what to look out for, and yet this were things that still shocked us. I went to get a brouch for Halloween, Pyrex, and blue ball jars. It was a successful trip there!


I took a nap before Price and I met a new BAC masters student for dinner to give him some pointers on surviving that school, like who are the important people to know, time management, and who are the people you’ll see by the BAC, like Louie.

Price and I watched NASCAR when we got home.

Sunday was much more relaxed with ‘sleeping in’ until 9:30, reading the paper and watching the news and food network. We then headed out to try a sandwich place before seeing the noon showing of The American. Both the sandwich place and the movie were great.


Then a trip to Home Depot and Target, a nap, and Price was gone again. 😦