Mystery Meet #10: Tres Gatos

I have no idea how I did not guess this location for Mystery Meet sooner. The 5 clues were dead on. I didn’t get it until I had talked to Meesh and Jackie of Just Add Cheese, organizers for MM#10 , and worked on the clues with 2 other people. I admit I can be dumb sometimes.

But low and behold we guessed correctly with Tres Gatos in Jamaica Plain.

Tres Gatos is a new Tapas restaurant in a book and record store. This is a 3 trick pony! The bar is set up under 4 old doors- I totally loved the look. Winding yourself past the bar and small seating area you arrive at the small kitchen, which is open to some high tables. Just past the kitchen is the store section. I didn’t wander around the store much since I was interested in meeting other bloggers and enjoying a glass of rosé.

So two weeks ago, Price and I got settled at another table with another couple, who had come up from Rhode Island. I think they win the prize for the people who traveled the furthest. Ilesha makes elaborate costume head dresses, but also sells handmade evil sock monkeys in her etsy store. I love going to these events to be able to have great good food, drinks, and meet new people.


Salsa Negro, Piparras, and Manchego– This was a small bite that you definetly smelled before tasting. The cheese was pungent, but is a nice way.

Breakfast Radish, Moses Sleeper Cheese and Chervil– Keep is simple stupid. Really the chef kept this simple and is was amazing. The salty cheese helped bring out the subtle crisp flavors of the spring radish.

Pork Stuffed Cerignolas and Boquerones– I skipped this entirely because I don’t like olives

-Gambas A La Plancha-

Grilled Prawns with Spicy Garlic and Cilantro Coulis– 2 prawns were not enough! I could have eaten a bucket of these. The prawns were garlicky and grilled perfectly. The sauce was flavorful. I wish that we ere served more prawns and a slice a bread to sop up all that amazing sauce.

– Fideos-

Chorizo, Chicken Liver, P.E.I. Mussels and Piquillo Pepper-

While I spoke to the chef about a gluten free option for this plate, I decided to have it normally since he explained the quanity of pasta given. I figured that I would be fine with that amount, and I was, but it was nice that he said he would substitute a rice/risotto for me. I really enjoyed the flavors of this dish. I’m not a fan of chicken livers because of their texture but I had some anyway, further cementing my opinion of them. I loved the PEI mussels in the sauce. Unfortunately, I did not get any chorizo on my plate.


Torta De La Serne, Sheep’s Milk, Spain

Chevrin Goat’s Milk, Belgium

Machego Curado, Sheep’s Milk, Spain

As much as I enjoy cheese, I really wished that we has something sweet to end the meal, especially since we already had 2 bites of cheese with the Tapas plate. That being said I liked the cheese plate with the accompaniments, which were quince paste, fig, and honey. The Chevrin was my least favorite cheese since it had an after taste, and as our table mate said, was ‘borderline offensive’.

I certainly enjoyed the meal at Tres Gatos because I loved the whole experience. I think that the food was fantastic because it was well planned, balanced, and well executed. That being said, I was disappointed with the portions of meal for the price that we paid. Each of our meals were $40, including tax and tip. Price bought drinks in addition to this. Sure, argue that quality costs, but I have had plenty of really nice meals for that amount of money with much  larger portions. I am interested in going back to see how their regular menu prices and portions compare to the dinner we had, as well as comparing it to Tasca, another Tapas places I’ve been to in Boston.

Tres Gatos
470 Centre Street 
Jamacia Plain, MA 02130
Tapas Bar: 617-477-4851
Book & Record Store: 617-477-9209

Hell Night LO- Studio Calico 12/26 Sunday Sketch


This Sunday Sketch from Studio Calico is going to be one that I refer to time and time again. I love how it allows you to include so many photos, or journaling spots, or just accents with patterned paper.

I used this sketch for a layout that documented our Mystery Meet #7 experience at Hell Night at East Coast Grill. Because it was a food event I was focused on the food, more than that people there. I don’t think they minded any way since we all looked like we were in agony of that heat that the ghost chili oil gave off.

Crate Paper made a line of stickers for Studio Calico that I love. This sticker sheet came in the Candy Shop kit. I used the yellow horizontal sticker and the label from that set. I’ve already used up about 90% of that sheet.

For some reason the red alphas made it their damn mission not to stick to the paper. Typically I encounter that situation on textured paper, but this paper was not textured. Very strange. Hoping it’s just this layout being difficult, and not an issue with the stickers.

Mystery Meet #7- Hell Night at East Coast Grill

Oh Hell Night, you rocked my world.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Mystery Meet event. This was the 7th event that Mystery Meet organized, and it happened to be at East Coast Grill. If you are not familiar with East Coast Grill, then I should explain that this restaurant hosts an event 2 times a year called Hell Night. What is Hell Night? It’s an excuse for you to burn your mouth, lips, fingers, etc while your man up to a plate of super spicy food.

Mystery Meet provides 5 clues about the restaurant where the event will be occurring so you have a hint of the location when you purchase your tickets, but the big reveal occurs the day before the event. After the first clue “If you can’t take the heat, get your ass outta the kitchen.” I was 90% positive that it was going to be East Coast Grill since it is known for Hell Night and that is the hottest place in the Boston area. It was even featured on Man vs. Food during it’s first season. Hell Night is a major event so it is nearly impossible to get a reservation since they sell out within hours, and this was my big chance to go! In fact, Price and I were driving back form Montreal when the tickets for Mystery Meet were released, which resulted in ridiculous amounts of swearing at the VT mountains that were messing up my 3G connection. Thankfully, AT&T pulled through, and we got tickets.:-)

Prior to attending the event, Price and I met Jacki from Just Add Cheese, her friend Darius, and Amanda from Kitchen Misfit at the neighboring bar, Bukowski Tavern. We shared stories and suggestions of beer, hot sauces, chicken and waffles, pancake places, brunch spots, etc.

The Hell Night menu for the Mystery Meet event did not disappoint. The menu offered several shared appetizers, 2 entrée choices, and dessert. There were bomb ratings after each item warning us of what pain we were going to experience. One thing you can’t prepare for is the Meatball Roulette, the first appetizer. This really is a game of chance, one in which I lost. That spicy meatball provided a deep slow burn that hit the back of my tongue and seemed to last forever. Immediately, my body did not like this sudden jolt and responded with hiccups. Yes, weird.

Next up were the Smokin’ Hot Pork Spare Ribs. These were rated 3 bombs… lie! Our table agreed that this was the hottest thing of the night. However, we did not know this was really miss rated, and were then extremely fearful of the 8 bomb rating that was going to be coming shortly. It was also that this point that we all agreed that no one would wimp out and get milk.

Just when things couldn’t get worse, the Wings of Mass Destruction arrived on our table. Happily, they not 8 bomb hot, even though they had ghost chili oil on them. I managed to eat 3 of them, however the real champ at our table was Frank who ate 5. Frank eat everything quickly and quietly suffered through the pain while the 5 of us made it really clear how much it was killing us. Frank was the champ.

The last shared appetizer was the Korean Fried Chicken Thighs. These were “caliente, not picante” as explained by Darius. I think that I enjoyed these the most because the heat was in the gochujang dipping sauce. Also, the apple kim chee helped cool things off with the contrasting cool crisp fruit.

Price and I got each entrée so we could sample them both. The Latin Spice Grilled Mahi Mahi (2 bombs) was cooked perfectly and provided enough heat without being troublesome. Price’s Jamaican Jerk Grilled Pork Chop (6 bombs) was also manageable because the heat was from a dipping sauce. However, the mashed sweet potatoes still had some kick with some curry so Price had little relief there. There was so much extra of our entrées that he got to relive the heat again today for lunch.

The Mango Berry Crisp dessert was fantastic, but put us over the top on food consumption. Thankfully, the ice cream did help cool things down.

Both Mystery Meet and East Coast Grill did a fantastic time organizing and hosting this event. I really look forward to attending another event, which occurs the second Tuesday of the month.

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