The Blizzard That Wasn’t

Lots of snow. A blizzard of snow. School closed all around Boston (about 18 hours ahead of time). Plows were at the ready. People stayed home from work. Drivers took public transportation so they would not get stuck later in the horrible conditions.

the only problem…


 Boston ended up with about an inch of snow. Seriously.

The Cape got more but the point for me is where I live… no snow!!!!!

I think I need to change proffessions. If we make a mistake there are seriously things to account for and fix. But a weather(wo)man can be off about a 1′ of snow and no sweat, things changed. Their warns can close the publis school system ( I wish I had that power) and if they are wrong they just say “Oh the snow storm got to big it started to get warm. So, no snow.”

Pictures of the “Snow” when I left my office late last night.