why not to tell people you are making cake

 because when you drop it on the floor you have no cake to share!!!!!!!!

I have had cake failures when I have screwed up the recipe and made a bad cake but this is worse because it looked great and I just dropped it.

Plus having the frosting made with no cake just sucks.

But now I know that I can successfully make a Dr Pepper Texas Chocolate Cake from the Dinosaur BBQ cookbook. So excited to get this cookbook!!!

Better luck next time!!



The Blizzard That Wasn’t

Lots of snow. A blizzard of snow. School closed all around Boston (about 18 hours ahead of time). Plows were at the ready. People stayed home from work. Drivers took public transportation so they would not get stuck later in the horrible conditions.

the only problem…


 Boston ended up with about an inch of snow. Seriously.

The Cape got more but the point for me is where I live… no snow!!!!!

I think I need to change proffessions. If we make a mistake there are seriously things to account for and fix. But a weather(wo)man can be off about a 1′ of snow and no sweat, things changed. Their warns can close the publis school system ( I wish I had that power) and if they are wrong they just say “Oh the snow storm got to big it started to get warm. So, no snow.”

Pictures of the “Snow” when I left my office late last night.

Muffin Fail

So my little idea about transforming a muffin recipe failed miserably this morning. Miserably.


I’m too frustrated to really explain what happened but a combination of the vague instructions which lead to a mistake in addition to my idea about adding jam into the muffin. Stupid jam sunk to the bottom of the muffin during baking so I ended up with burned jam muffins that broke apart easily.  Let’s just say I am never promising baked goods to someone before I have made it.

I went off to the House Rabbit Network’s annual volunteer’s meeting with no muffins in hand, luckily there was DD on the way so I could get some munchkins. I told Price to throw out all the “muffins” while I was gone since I was so pissed at looking at them.

Date night

Dear James Cameron-

Congrats on creating the highest grossing piece of crap. Price and I went to see your movie last night. We both knew nothing about your movie- no joke. Neither of us looked into what it was about at all prior to going. So we happily forked over the $25.00 (plus service fee) to see your movie in 3D at an IMAX theater.

I guess you should be glad that we knew nothing about the movie because if we had we would have saved our money and stayed in and played some wii. About 15 minutes into the movie I realize that it really is going to be SOOOOOOO predictable. Good guy, bad guy, save the earth message. We care about the earth- we recycle, use reusable bags, compost, etc- I get it. It’s an important thing that everyone can relate to. Anyway, my problem was the predictability plus I kept thinking that I had seen the movie before, just with a few changes.

This nagging feeling continued on until I remembered FERNGULLY: THE LAST RAINFOREST. That cartoon that came out in 1992 with tone loc and tim curry- as the creepy sexy slim thing. You have kids- granted they were born after this movie came out but you are in the MOVIE BUSINESS. I would think you see a few of them for work related research. And If not, why did no one have the balls to tell you that Avatar is a future version of Ferngully?? Also, both movies were released by 20th Century Fox, did no one there consider the similarities???

Hoping that you are satisfied with having the top 2 grossing movies of all time and you retire now. With your new found free time you should sit down and google “Avatar Ferngully” or ” James Cameron Ferngully” and you can find things to the liking of this.


Nicole and Price

Most exciting part of the night was getting jellybeans (juicy pear is my all time favorite) and then going home to write this. Oh yeah and watching a clip of Tone Loc rapping in Ferngully.


Come on PETA, a robot can’t see his shadow!

“If he sees it, he regards it as an omen of six more weeks of bad weather and returns to his hole.

If the day is cloudy and, hence, shadowless, he takes it as a sign of spring and stays above ground.”

With Groundhog Day just around the corner, I’m rooting for Phil to bring on spring!! Of course, PETA has decided to put forth their 2cents and suggest that Punxsutawney Phil be retired and Phil be replaced with a ROBOT. PETA wrote an open letter to the President of the Groundhog Day Club hoping that the club would consider using a robot groundhog next year. The letter argues that the habitat that Phil lives in is not natural for groundhogs and that the event is stressful for him. They cite how other animatronic animals are popular, including an interactive dinosaur exhibit. (I personally think it would be so much more fun to bring back the dinosaurs so we could ride around on them)


While I think the tradition is a bit silly, I don’t think Phil has it all that bad. He is cared for and he has even been on Oprah. Hell, I’ll tell you if I see my shadow or not to chill with Oprah. The President of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club responded by saying that Phil is “being treated better than the average child in Pennsylvania.” Further explaining how he is kept in a climate controled enviroment and is inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture. (AP)

Robot or not, you can have the results of Ground Hog Day TEXT MSG’d to you!

(I don’t care about PETA or Groundhog’s Day, I just wanted a good excuse to post a picture of Bill Murray. And you can’t beat one with a groundhog!)