3.29-31: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} empanadas for dinner | watch Grimm | fire down the road | bed

{Saturday} make ham and eggs for breakfast | take Kemper to the vet | yard work and clean up | mac and cheese for lunch | I took a 2 1/2 hr nap while Price kick ass in the backyard | ‘Cuse game | get ready | fugakyu for dinner to celebrate Price’s new job | finish DVR’d ‘Cuse game and other games| bed

{Sunday} we went to Home depot (not yet opened) | Starbucks | Market Basket (closed for Easter) | back home | cinnamon rolls for breakfast | Home Depot | take Kemper to the beach | give Kemper a bath | watch You’ve Got Mail | make pasta for lunch | brush and trim rabbits nails while Price cleans their cage | fold laundry | watch Louisville vs Duke game| photo edits & punchlist write up| Price picks up Emily | Indian take out for dinner | watch Walking Dead season finale | Price drives Emily home | bed

 Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_01 Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_02

Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_03 Fire Chelsea Eleanor Street_04

fuzzy bunnies ham and eggs kemper at the vet

sleeping kemper

date night at Fugakyu sushi at Fugakyu

Price at Fugakyu lounging around

fuzzy bunnies shedding Bunny

Price and Kemper at the Beach kemper at the beach

Kemps sitting


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