10.25-27: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} home | Price tidied up the den and moved the rabbits from 2nd floor down to the basement | I made salad | tidying up the kitchen and living room while ‘watching’ Grey’s and Scandal | folding baby clothes | go to bed early

{Saturday} up at 4.35 with Kemper | back to bed | get out of bed at 7am | Starbucks for PSL’s | brought Kemper to the dog park | Haymarket for veggies | Mike’s Pastry for lobster tail | home | start cleaning for hours | grocery shopping | Price folding loads of clothes | prep for dinner | get ready | Cstherine and Ed come over for dinner | snack on cheese and crackers while chatting | dinner: chicken with shallot wine sauce, roasted lemony aparagus, sauteed mushrooms, and rice | dessert | Cath and Ed leave | lounge around while watching the Sox game | sleep | more Sox game | bed

{Sunday} slept in ’till 8 | breakfast : coffee, cheesy eggs, bacon, tots | watch Grimm | Home Depot to pick out and get paint | go to work at 12.30 | Price painted 2 walls of the baby’s room | home at 7.30 | watch DVR’d NASCAR race | dessert for dinner | blogging | watch Red Sox | bed

kemper face

 folding baby clothes halloween oreos




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