5.17-20: Weekend Recap

{Frday Night} left work early | trip reacap from Elaine and Anne Marie | Price gets home | jetlagged travelers went to bed | went to dinner Alia in Winthrop | bed

{Saturday} up early | Katz’s bagels | Elaine and Anne Marie left | stitch fix try on | bagel sandwiches | blogging | scrapbooking | 3 hr nap | Price mowed the lawn | tofu stir fry | DVR’d Grimm | bed

{Sunday} up early | ham, egg and cheese on mini rolls | Sunday paper | watched Sunday morning | scrapbooking & rabbit time | hang out with Mark & Macari & the pups | Tasty Burger | went to work from 5- 8.30 | lounge around | bed early

{Monday} no work | Dr’s appointment in Brookline | Price went to work | other’s Dr office for blood work | home | talk to mom | nap | Price get’s home

date night

price's head hurts kemper smush face

bunniesstir fry

tasty burger


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