8.22-24: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has dinner | finish packing quickly | leave for the weekend | McDonald’s on the road | arrive in Greenwich! | hang out & get settled | birthday cake for Keagan & Dad |  go to bed

140825_weekend recap_01 140825_weekend recap_02


up early | bacon egg and cheese sandwiches from the Firehouse Deli | Tiny Tots Kids Consignment Sale | consignment shopping | farmer’s market | pick up dad | Carvel | lunch and party at Mama’s | back to Kris’ | date night out! dinner | back to Kris’ | Autumn to bed | NASCAR | pump | bed

140825_weekend recap_03 140825_weekend recap_04

140825_weekend recap_05 140825_weekend recap_06

140825_weekend recap_07 140825_weekend recap_08

140825_weekend recap_09

140825_weekend recap_10 140825_weekend recap_11

140825_weekend recap_12


breakfast | pack up the car | Dad, TJ, Cara come over | leave for home | stop for lunch at Sonic | home | Autumn plays in the pool | dinner time | bed time | showers | relax | clean up | pack for Miami trip | bed

140825_weekend recap_13 140825_weekend recap_14

140825_weekend recap_15140825_weekend recap_16

140825_weekend recap_17 140825_weekend recap_18

140825_weekend recap_19 140825_weekend recap_20


4 Generations

4 Generations

This past weekend Autumn and I went down to Florida to visit my mom and grandmother.

It was quite a momentous trip as it was Autumn’s first flight (and I did it solo as Price was studying for his Monday morning LEED test- which he PASSED!!!), my first time visiting my mom’s house since they moved last spring, and my grandmother’s first time getting to meet Autumn.

Thankfully Autumn was great on both flights and the trip was wonderful. I was sick for part of it but it was still so great to enjoy time with family.

My mom’s friend snapped these photos on Sunday morning after church.

4 Generations-1

4 Generations-2


8.30-9.2: Labor Day Weekend Recap

{Friday} leave work at 12 | home | cleaning the house with Price | pick up mom at airport at 5.45 | back home to drop off mom’s bags & relax | dinner at Angela’s | relax | bed

{Saturday} up early | mom and I go to Haymarket at 7 | breakfast at Donna’s Restaurant |  hang around | drive into Boston, park at work | shopping at The Pru: Magic Beans, Barnes and Noble, Sephora | amazing, long dinner at Forum | pick up fashion show supplies at work | home | lounge around | bed

{Sunday} make breakfast- scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheddar with bacon, hashbrowns | watch Sunday morning | grocery shopping at Stop and Shop |  The Decedents | snacks for lunch : fresh salsa and guac & spinach dip with veggies | lounging around & watching Food Network | dinner: grilled steak, grilled vegetables | NASCAR race | fell asleep on sofa at 9pm | bed

{Monday- Labor Day} wake up | late breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheddar with bacon and english muffins | shopping: Target & Petsmart | reading and lounging around | lunch/dinner- grilled chicken, tomato salad with fresh pesto, grilled veggies | ice cream | bed


forum dinner forum dessert

IMG_0366 IMG_0369

kemper sleeping sunflower

mom and kemper 01 mom and kemper 02

target baby coupons shopping with mom

 talenti gelato german chocolate cake

mom and me

8.23-25: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} leave work early | Price gets home late | get take out pizza | dinner | work on Project Life | relax & watch TV | bed

{Saturday} Kemper was up early | shower & get ready | pack up the car | left over pizza for breafast | leave around 7am | sleep in the car | Greenwich at 10.15am | hang at the boat waiting for family to come | boat ride to The Cove, lunch, newphews swimming around, ride around the islands in the Sound | last minute grocery shopping | dinner- hamburgers, sausage, salads, lobsters, ice cream cake | play around for hours | get towels and talk with my sister | back to the boat | bed

{Sunday} up early | lounge around | breakfast sandwiches from The Firehouse Deli | leave Greenwich at 10am | Sonic for drinks | get rabbit pellets at Sweet Meadow Farm | Price gets workboots | home & unpack the car | drop Price off at work | grocery shopping for the week | lounge/nap time | laundry | work on Project Life | make pumpkin roll | pick up Price from work | blogging | MTV VMA’s | redline drawings | bed

Kemper Face_Car Kemper in Car

Kemper on Boat lobster

birthday cake

Cara- cake Cara playing


Kemper sitting on Boat

Kemper eating ice

Kemper Sleeping

Kemper Sleeping_01

26 week bump

4.19-21: Weekend Recap

{Friday} up at 5am | crazy filled twitter feed | watch news | mbta is shut down | get Price up | our offices are closed | Boston has a shelter in place order | blogging | watch news ALL DAY! |banana bundt cake | Price did yard work | lunch | nap | pack | pick up Emily and drive to CT | Shake Shack | home | more news | bed

{Saturday} up early with Kemper | news | breakfast | lounge around w mom with the dogs playing around | Price arrives with the pick up | Fire House deli for late lunch | Pizza Express take out | watch tv | bed

{Sunday} breakfast from the Kneaded Bread | packed up the truck | price went home | nap with kemps | walked to Kris’ | went to dinner with Mom & Nanny at Panda Pavillion 3 | watched the good wife | bed


pasta fagoli soup

 kemper nap

kemper tired_01 kemper tired_02 kemps and price

kemper morning