2.22-24: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} Drove home from Price’s office with Kemper | Dishes, cleaning & Price shoveled | Taco Bell | Watch Friends with Benefits | bed

{Saturday} Price made breakfast | cleaning up the house , laundry, vaccuming, dishes, etc with Pricer | blog post | grocery shopping | NNS race | get ready| Em & Peter over for dinner | clean up | bed

{Sunday} watch Wanderlust | get ready | Container Store | Brunch at Bokx 109 | groceries at Stop and Shop | Old Navy | home | watch Daytona 500 | start slow cooker dinner | nap | Price did laundry | finish Daytona 500 | project life | dinner | blogging | Oscar’s | bed

  kemper sleeping_01 kemper sleeping_02

kemper cuddles

kemper on Emily

 brunch_bokx 109 bloody mary_Bokx 109  appetizer_Brunch_bokx 109

Green Eggs and Ham_Brunch_Bokx 109 selfie

Pilsbury red velvet cookies


10.25-29: HurricaneSandy Weekend Recap

{Thursday night} FASHION SHOW!!! | dance dance dance | cab home

{Friday} heart attack waking up at 1.50pm & messing up the day | go through photos from fashion show | tortellini | Price home | shower | go to Mark and Allie’s to hang out with everyone |

{Saturday} sleep in| haymarket for oranges | Mark & Allie’s house | fresh squeeze oj | breakfast: mimoas, muffins, eggs, baocon, sausage | T ride | guys went to BC game |kids play at the park | T ride back  | lunch for the kids| nap with Kenzi | guys come home | sushi dinner from Fugakyu | kids paint pumpkins  then go to bed | go home & go to bed

{Sunday} sleep in | grocery shopping | breakfast | Grimm | fight | baking and cleaning while Price works on portfolio | dvr’d NASCAR race | got ‘no work’ email | make drinks & watch Hurriance Sandy coverage | bed

{Monday} no work | breakfast | Hurriance Sandy coverage | bake cookies | shower | power out at 3.20 | 2 hour nap | walk around | go for a drive to see any damage (not much!) | KFC | lounge around with drinks | bed







8.31- 9.4: Long Weekend Recap

{Thursday night} sandwiches for dinner | packing | stupid fire alarm goes off | blogging | I went to bed at 12.45am

{Friday} up at 4.30am | cab ride to the airport | BOS > AUS | Jason picks us up at airport | meet Natalie at car dealership | Chuy’s for lunch | pick up car with Natalie, guys went to Petco | napped | meet Ashley and Zach for dinner at Torchy’s trailer park | bar hop on Rainy Street | Whataburger | bed at 2am

{Saturday} slept in | H.E.B | Rudy’s for lunch (take out) | UT Coop store visit | Whole Foods HQ store | Sonic Happy Hour | napped | grilled dinner at neighbor’s house to watch Longhorn’s football game (win!) | bed

{Sunday} Tacodeli for breakfast | pedicures (with booze!) | REI/Anthro | walked along SoCo | Magnolia Cafe | Price got me bunny earrings | Amy’s ice cream | watch TV shows & Snow White & the Huntsman | played ‘Cards Against Humanity’ and ‘Drawception’ with neighbors & friends at the house | bed

{Monday} paddle boarding | Tacodeli lunch | mini- nap | watch TV shows & Men in Black 3 | guys went to Sonic Happy Hour | blogging | watch Contagion | bed

{Tuesday} bagels for breakfast | Jason works from home, Natalie goes to work | watch The Hunger Games while Price preps blog posts | we watch episodes of The Newsroom | Natalie comes back for lunch with Urban Picnic | mini walk with the dog | more The Newsroom episodes | leave house at 4.30 | flight is delayed 1 hr | drinks & food to kill time | AUS>; BOS | cab ride home | feed rabbits | bed at 1am








3.18-21: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Was I This Weekend?

The weekend revolved around having Price’s brother and sister in town. We got to hang out with them on Friday afternoon and Saturday night. Sunday was relaxing and fun because I got to go to cookie swap with some other Boston Food Bloggers.


took a half day at work!

Met Price for lunch at B Good for a veggie burger

Price’s brother and his family arrived in Boston and went to New England Aquarium, we met them there. We all took the boys around to see the fish, turtles, penguins, seals, and octopus.

Headed back to the hotel, helped them get set up in the room. They then went swimming while we took pictures.

While they were drying off and getting ready to go out, Price and I walked to Trader Joe’s for snacks to bring for dinner and then we went to get some Gluten Free beer for me at Coolidge Corner Wine and Spirits.

We all headed over to their friend Mark’s. the 3 kids under 4 played well while we all caught up over enchiladas that Mark made.

Price and I walked home from the hotel after they went back for the night


Saturday morning cleaning- dishes, 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed, wiped down surfaces the kids could get their hands on.

Baby proofed apartment (all my scrapbooking stuff had to be moved!)

Painted my toe nails- bright red!!

Everyone (5 adults, 3 kids) came over to hang out and have dinner

Went with a walk with Addison to get Chinese food

Had dinner, played with kids and then crashed when they left. ha


Leisurely morning

Talked to my mom for hour+

Made dozens of cream cheese spirals for cookie swap

1-4:30pm cookie swap organized by Kathy with Megan and Amanda. We played Bananagrams… I am hooked!

Back home and did dishes from the cookies I made

Watched DVR’d NASCAR race with Price

Took a nap 🙂

Left over Chinese food for dinner.

Thought it would be funny to put on fake nails. It is not.

Planned on making roasted chickens to have chicken salad for lunch… FAIL. the 2 whole frozen chickens were bad. So no chicken salad and the apartment smelled like death. yak.

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my friend Emily‘s birthday. We went out to celebrate with food and drinks at Post 390. This place always impresses us with their amazing service, fantastic food, and tasty drinks. Those drinks go down just so easily! Esp when your best friend is yelling at you to drink another one because it’s her birthday and that means you have to do what she says.

The Hedgehog Ornament, one of the gifts I got for Emily, was getting cozy with the butter, and confusing all the servers. It’s not a porcupine people! The hedgehog started to off having plenty of room but soon he lost out on real estate when all our appetizers and sides came. It is perfectly reasonable to make a meal out of appetizers and sides.

We had a great time catching up. Yes, we live live 3 miles away, email each other every day, Price and her work together… but we still need long dinners like this to really catch up on the shit storms that are our lives. Oh, the hilarious insanity.

Happy Birthday Emily… may this year bring you happiness and success. But really… let it bring more (controlled) backyard/kitchen fires, drunken nights playing Trivial Purist, overnights sleeping on the Cos, and adventures driving to random towns.