2.6-8 Weekend Recap


home from Miami | put Autumn to bed | catch up with Price | make dinner- fish with veggies | Grimm | blogging | bed

150211_snow long weekend-1


up early | breakfast | cleaning around the house | morning nap for Autumn | go to my office to get Amazon stuff & rug | Trader Joe’s | home | Autumn naps | make lunch- taco salad | Price shovels & cleaned up | cartoon time | dinner- stir fry | Autumn has a batch and goes to bed | puppy cuddles | DVR catch up | bed

150211_snow long weekend-2

150211_snow long weekend-3 150211_snow long weekend-4

150211_snow long weekend-5

150211_snow long weekend-6 150211_snow long weekend-7

150211_snow long weekend-8 150211_snow long weekend-9

150211_snow long weekend-10

150211_snow long weekend-11 150211_snow long weekend-12


get up early | breakfast | dog park @ Peter’s Park | drop Price off at work | home | Autumn naps | lunch- stir fry | made blog recipe | Autumn naps | photo editing | made dinner for Autumn |  Price came home from work after 6 | Autumn to bed Price shovels | dinner- burger with pineapple & sweet potato fries | Grammy’s | bed

150211_snow long weekend-13 150211_snow long weekend-14

150211_snow long weekend-15 150211_snow long weekend-16

150211_snow long weekend-17


Up early | No work- snow day for both of us | breakfast- eggs with veggie hash | Price snowblows | lunch | play with Autumn | laundry | more snow clean up | make dinner for Autumn | give Autumn a bath | clean up clothes in Autumn’s room | Autumn to bed | Blue Apron for dinner | watch the Bachelor | bed

150211_snow long weekend-18

150211_snow long weekend-19

150211_snow long weekend-21 150211_snow long weekend-22

150211_snow long weekend-23 150211_snow long weekend-24

150211_snow long weekend-25 150211_snow long weekend-26

150211_snow long weekend-27


up early  | blogging | no work- snow day | make quiche with Autumn | make breakfast | Price snowblows | Autumn naps | 10am conference call | Price drives to work | take bath with Autumn | lunch | play with Autumn | Autumn naps | photo editing | make dinner for Autumn | Autumn to bed at 6.30 | Price gets home  after running errands | Price finally gets Autumn to bed | make dinner- modied Blue Apron meal | moving talk | laundry | bed at 10.30

150211_snow long weekend-28 150211_snow long weekend-29


12.19-21: Weekend Recap

{Friday night}

leave work | home | pump | get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has dinner, bath & goes to bed | steak salad for dinner | hang out and cuddle with Kemper | bed

141222_weekend recap-1 141222_weekend recap-2

141222_weekend recap-3

141222_weekend recap-4 141222_weekend recap-5

141222_weekend recap-6


up early | pump | Autumn gets up | breakfast | walk with Kemper and Autumn | Autumn naps | hang out | Jaden comes over to babysit | Boston Chocolate Workshop | back home | Autumn naps | cleaning | Price gets home | Autumn has dinner, gets a bath and goes to bed | dinner | hang out & watch TV | go to bed

141222_weekend recap-7

141222_weekend recap-8

141222_weekend recap-9 141222_weekend recap-10

141222_weekend recap-11 141222_weekend recap-12

141222_weekend recap-13


up early | breakfast | Autumn naps | shopping at Gateway Shopping Center & Assembly Square: Old Navy, Target, Lego Store, Banana Republic,  Nike, David’s Teas | back home for lunch | Price works on kitchen millwork at sink | Autumn naps in car | Natick mall shopping: Sperry, Pottery Barn Kids | back home | Autumn has dinner, bath & goes to bed | our dinner | hang out, lau,ndry & cleaning | bed

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141222_weekend recap-16

141222_weekend recap-17 141222_weekend recap-18

141222_weekend recap-19 141222_weekend recap-20

141222_weekend recap-21

141222_weekend recap-22 141222_weekend recap-23

12.12-14: Weekend Recap


Work from home | Autumn’s orthopedic appointment at Children’s Hospital- 6 more months of the brace | home | Autumn has dinner | we snack for dinner | kitchen clean up | Grimm | go to bed

141215_Weekend recap_01 141215_Weekend recap_02

141215_Weekend recap_03


 up at 6.15 | Price goes to Home Depot & Rite Aid | make pancakes | Price and Kemper go to get Paul’s Foreign Auto Body to get Frank’s oil changed | Autumn naps |  shower & get ready, pump | go Ikea for wadrobe | lunch at Ikea | Indy gets an oil change | home | nap in the car with Autumn | Autumn has dinner | Pizza Hut delivery | Autumn goes to bed | work | bed at 10.15

141215_Weekend recap_04

141215_Weekend recap_05

141215_Weekend recap_06 141215_Weekend recap_07


 up at 6.45 | leftover’s for breakfast | went to my office to pick up stuff | Petsmart | Old Navy | McDonald’s coffee | Autumn naps in car | bottle at home | make M&M cookie bars with Autumn for daycare | leftover pizza for lunch | Price assembles the wardrobe | Autumn takes afternoon nap|  make Rolo cookie cups | dinner | bath  | Syracuse basketball game | put away clothes, make bed | bed at 11

141215_Weekend recap_08 141215_Weekend recap_09

141215_Weekend recap_10 141215_Weekend recap_11

141215_Weekend recap_12 141215_Weekend recap_13

141215_Weekend recap_14

141215_Weekend recap_15

12.5-7: Weekend Recap


  home from work | Autumn dinner & bath | Price gets home | dishes | Autumn to bed | make dinner- soup | pumping | blogging & write yelp reviews | Grimm | bed @ 10.45

141208_weekend recap-1 141208_weekend recap-2

141208_weekend recap-3


get u at 7 | laundry and house stuff | breakfast- eggs and hashbrowns | Autumn takes her morning nap | get ready Knoll Christmas photo shoot | printing Save the Date labels | home | Autumn naps | DVR’d shows and playing around at home | dinner | Autumn gets bath & goes to bed | work while watching Sex Tape | bed just after 10pm

141208_weekend recap-4 141208_weekend recap-5

141208_weekend recap-6 141208_weekend recap-7

141208_weekend recap-8 141208_weekend recap-9

141208_weekend recap-10 141208_weekend recap-11


up at 5.35 | breakfast- random leftovers | get ready | Sweet Meadow Farm for bunny hay | Target | back home | lunch- zoodles & chicken sausage with pesto |Price ran errands while Autumn napped | make dinner: roasted pork tenderloin with fennel, Brussels sprouts | salt ornaments | Autumn goes to bed | make cookies | work | bed

141208_weekend recap-12

141208_weekend recap-13 141208_weekend recap-14

141208_weekend recap-15 141208_weekend recap-16

141208_weekend recap-17 141208_weekend recap-18 141208_weekend recap-19

141208_weekend recap-20 141208_weekend recap-21

11.26-11.30: Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

{Wednesday Night}

home from work | dinner & bath for Autumn | misc dinner snacking for us | make cranberry sauce | misc thanksgiving prep & wine time 🙂 | bed

141201_weekend Recap-1

141201_weekend Recap-2



up early | finish defrosting the 22 lb turkey in the tub | turkey prep | breakfast Mimosas and breadkfast sandwiches | watch the Today Show | Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade | National Dog Show | afternoon nap wit Kemper | Autumn up Thanksgiving dinner | Autumn bedtime routine | lounge around and eat Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s | dishes | bed

141201_weekend Recap-3

141201_weekend Recap-4 141201_weekend Recap-5

141201_weekend Recap-6 141201_weekend Recap-7

141201_weekend Recap-8

141201_weekend Recap-9 141201_weekend Recap-10


up early | more dishes | McDonald’s breakfast | day spent at Catherine & Ed’s with Elaine, Dan & Mary | head home | tons of traffic | bath with Autumn | more kitchen clean up | lounge around | Grimm | bed

141201_weekend Recap-11

141201_weekend Recap-12

141201_weekend Recap-13 141201_weekend Recap-14

141201_weekend Recap-15 141201_weekend Recap-16

141201_weekend Recap-17

141201_weekend Recap-18 141201_weekend Recap-19


 up early | walk with Kemper to get bagels | breakfast | Autumn’s morning nap | visit the New England Aquarium | Faneuil Hall | Texas Roadhouse for lunch | home | Autumn has a bottle and goes down for a nap | make bone broth | dinner of leftovers | make cookie dough | go to bed early

141201_weekend Recap-20

141201_weekend Recap-21 141201_weekend Recap-22

141201_weekend Recap-23 141201_weekend Recap-24

141201_weekend Recap-25

141201_weekend Recap-26 141201_weekend Recap-27


 sleep in until 7! | kick ass breakfast sandwiches | grocery shopping | start dinner | 3 mile walk with Autunn to the park | nap strike | decorating the tree | have an early dinner | Autumn get’s a bath and goes to bed | bake cookies | load the dishes | go to bed

141201_weekend Recap-28

141201_weekend Recap-29

141201_weekend Recap-30

141201_weekend Recap-31 141201_weekend Recap-32

141201_weekend Recap-33

141201_weekend Recap-34 141201_weekend Recap-35