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Mexicasian Tacos

A few weeks ago I came across a call for entries for an Alaskan Fish Taco contest using fish native to Alaskan waters to create new taco recipes. I love fish tacos so this was a no brainer. I just had to … Continue reading

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1.28-30: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Was I This Weekend? The majority of the weekend was spent doing, what we call, Adventures. This can be very silly little things like going to a new restaurant that is a drive away or something more planned and elaborate. Friday … Continue reading

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Craft Room Clean Up: Ribbon Storage Giveaway

I have been in the process of cleaning out the office/my craft room. We are facing a move in the next few months so now is the time to purge out some of my goodies to make moving a bit … Continue reading

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Light Cheddar Broccoli Soup

While driving back from a recent trip to Montreal, we stopped for lunch at Park Row Cafe in Waterbury, VT. This place served amazing sandwiches on home made bread, hot sandwich specials, and homemade soup. Price got a cup of their … Continue reading

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Oh, another storm

Image courtesy of I’m getting really sick of this snowy winter. Yes, Boston did not see snow until late in the season, but that just means the 60.3 inches we have recieved so far has come upon use quickly. … Continue reading

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