Mozzarella Waffle Sticks

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks

Oh, our poor car!!!

Our trusty, reliable Frank The Tank is in the shop now. He is in need of some lovin’.

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_1

I was driving from a project meeting to meet up with a friend’s wife to meet her and their new baby. I was really looking forward to meeting them both. I even made cookies in the morning to bring to them. Plus, I just wanted to snuggle with a itty bitty baby. The best.

Well, those plans were sidelined when I noticed the battery light on my dashboard was illuminated. Ugh. At our last oil change the guys warned us that there was a belt  that was getting loose and that it would need to be replaced soon, like at the next oil change. I was hoping it was just a glitch and kept on driving. And then the Water Temperature Light started flashing at me. GAH! Then the Check Engine Light popped up. That was just too many lights in a few minutes for my liking. I called our favorite mechanic, who thankfully wasn’t too far from where I was, and headed right over.

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_2

The belt that connected the water pump to something came right off. Or that is what I think happened. The mechanic pulled the belt out of the engine and pointed where it should have been. Cool.

So I slumped away from the auto body shop so disappointed that ruined my day. First I handed over the cookies over to the mechanic that I had made for my friend’s family since I was afraid I would stress eat the cookies on the train & bus home. All of them.

It was a good thing I gave the mile home. I’m just glad that we weren’t on the highway when whatever piece broke.

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_5 Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_7

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_6 Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_8

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_9 Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_10

Anyway, on to a more lighter note!

I have been thinking of making these mozzarella sticks for weeks and weeks and weeks. It was just an idea that stuck with me. I had to make them!

The best thing is that I generally have everything on hand for them. All 3 ingredients. Ha!

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_3

Cheese might ooze out the sides of your waffle maker but don’t freight, just scoop it up and gooble it up. Any cheese that makes contact into the waffle maker directly gets nice a crisp too! They aren’t your typical mozzarella stick that is ooey gooey and stretchy, they are crispy with a cheese taste throughout. Yum!!

You can even jazz up your waffle batter with some Italian spices to amp up the flavor even more. I added a pinch of garlic powder but kept it pretty mellow as I knew Autumn would be eating them. I swear this kid eats waffles 24/7 now!

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks_4

Mozzarella Waffle Sticks 

Makes 8 sticks


  • 2 mozzarella sticks
  • 1 Cup pancake mix, I used Krusteaz’s Buttermilk Pancake Mix
  • a pinch of Italian spices, like garlic powder, basil, oregano (optional)
  • 1/2 Cup marinara sauce


  1. Trim the mozzarella sticks so that they fit within the waffle sticks maker. Cut each stick into 4 pieces length wise.
  2. Mix the pancake mix with water, according to directions on the box. (I used 2/3 Cup water with the 1 Cup of Krusteaz mix). Add spices to the batter, optional.
  3. Preheat your Mini Babycakes Waffle Sticks Maker.
  4. Dip the cheese in the batter. Drizzle a tiny bit of batter in each waffle sticks reservoir, place a piece of cheese in each waffle stick, and drizzle tiny bit more batter on the top again.
  5. Cook for jsut a few minutes, until just set up and golden brown. Place on a wire rack to keep crisp while you finish making the other batch.
  6. Serve with warm marinara sauce.


While I received the waffle maker from Select Brands and the mix from Krusteaz for recipe development, all opinions are my own. 


Elvis' Favorite Waffle Dunkers-14 Elvis' Favorite Waffle Dunkers-15

And now the GIVEWAY!!!!

I’ve partnered up with Select Brands this year and I’m so excited about it! I get to make fun, yummy waffles and give their awesome waffles makes too!

We want you to be able to make these fun Waffle Stick recipes so be sure to enter my giveaway for a Mini Babycakes Waffle Sticks Maker!

Enter by following the instructions in this Rafflecopter giveaway!!

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5.22-25: Memorial Day Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

Price had the day off- got Autumn from daycare | worked late – left @ 10pm | home at 10.30 | Autumn sicky cuddles | bed


up at 5.30 | make breakfast tacos | shopping at Haymarket Stop & Shop | unload groceries, vegetable prep, make caramelized onions | watch The Kitchen | shopping at Costco, Old Navy | get food at Taco Bell | Autumn naps | eat lunch with margs | nap | take Kemper & Autumn on walk | Autumn has dinner, a bath, put her to bed | hot dog for dinner | make jam wedding favors (62 jars!) | Price works on screen  for door | watch Red Sox’s | bed

150526_weekend recap-1

150526_weekend recap-2 150526_weekend recap-3

150526_weekend recap-4 150526_weekend recap-5

150526_weekend recap-6

150526_weekend recap-7

150526_weekend recap-8


up early- 5.30 | make breakfast sandwiches | Autumn has her morning nap | play in the kiddie pool | grilled veggies and burgers for lunch | play in the pool | Autumn and I have long naps – 2 hrs!! | more play time outside | Autumn has dinner and then bath | take a long walk with Autumn & Kemper | Autumn goes to bed |

150526_weekend recap-9

150526_weekend recap-10

150526_weekend recap-11 150526_weekend recap-12

150526_weekend recap-13 150526_weekend recap-14

150526_weekend recap-15 150526_weekend recap-16

150526_weekend recap-17


Memorial Day

up at 5.15 | coffee and kitchen clean up | make buttermilk banana bread | sorting laundry while Price did dishes | breakfast sandwiches | get ready | meet Mark, Allie, Macari, & Michael | lunch @ Parish | Autumn took 2 1/2 hour nap | work on blog posts | give Autumn a bath | take long walk with Autumn & Kemper | Autumn has dinner  & goes to bed | dinner outside- burgers and grilled veggie  | food shopping | watched The Bachelorette | Price ironed tons and tons of stuff | bed

150526_weekend recap-18

150526_weekend recap-19

150526_weekend recap-20 150526_weekend recap-21

150526_weekend recap-22

150526_weekend recap-23 150526_weekend recap-24

150526_weekend recap-25 150526_weekend recap-26

150526_weekend recap-27

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Scenes from Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day Boston 2015-1

I live for 3 days weekends. And Memorial Day is a great one. It kicks off the summer season. Plus, it has a great meaning and purpose. Honoring our past and current service members is so very, very important.

We met up with our friends Mark and Allie, along their kids Macari and Micheal, to spend some time together on Boston Common, the Tadpole Payground, and to get some lunch.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-5

Memorial Day Boston 2015-2 Memorial Day Boston 2015-6

Memorial Day Boston 2015-3

There were over 37,000 flags on Boston Common to represent the lives lost my service men and women since the Revolutionary War. It was quite stunning to see. The blanket of flags on Flagstaff Hill that leads up to Soldiers and Sailors Monument was quite beautiful and sad at the same time.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-9

Memorial Day Boston 2015-7 Memorial Day Boston 2015-8

After the kids had enough of wandering around and climbing on Soldiers and Sailors Monument we headed over to the carousel on The Common.

Autumn loved it!!

She enjoyed the ride so much that she refused to let go for a bit. I basically had to pry her off her horse. I imagine we’ll have to go again and again one day. Oh the struggle! ha!

Memorial Day Boston 2015-10

We then ventured over to the Tadpole Playground so the kids could play together and explore the big jungle gym.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-12 Memorial Day Boston 2015-11

Autumn took to Macari quickly and had so much fun going up and down the jungle gym complex. She happily took her hand to go up and down stairs, enjoyed getting carried around, and going down the slides together.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-13 Memorial Day Boston 2015-14

Memorial Day Boston 2015-15 Memorial Day Boston 2015-16

Once everyone had worked up a thorough appetite we headed over to Parish Cafe for lunch. We almost made it through the meal but the kids got antsy and wanted to stretch their legs outside the patio. They ran around the area by the flower planters, along the ramp to the neighboring church, and the sets of stairs to the church and adjacent apartment building.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-17

By the time we parted ways just before 1pm, Autumn was filthy and exhausted. It was a sign of an awesome day.

Memorial Day Boston 2015-4

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Strawberry Agua de Fresca- SRC

Strawberry Agua de Fresca

Happy Memorial Day!!

And happy Secret Recipe Club Revel Day!!!

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-1

Okay, so really Memorial Day is super important and reveal day is just fun, but it makes for an extra awesome day for me!

This month I was given Tara’s Multicultural Table for me to select a recipe from. Yep, the very same Tara who I participated in a virtual baby shower for when I made these Chocolate Dipped Biscotti Bites. So I was so excited to have Tara’s blog this month. Fun.

I love Tara’s blog point of view in that she finds and makes really interesting recipes from all different cultures and cuisines. It’s very creative and adventurous. I love it!

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-2

I had her Panipopo recipe bookmarked to make. What’s a panipopo? Well, it’s a Samoan Coconut Bun. I was so intrigued by these so I just had to make them. I mean, coconut always wins! So duh.

Except when I went to make them I realized that I didn’t have the coconut milk needed for the recipe. I had bought everything ages ago when I first picked it but then like a dumby I used the coconut milk in a stir fry and forgot to replace it like I told myself to do when I was pouring it into my chicken stir fry.  And when I realized we were all out of coconut milk I was having one of those mornings and I just couldn’t go back to the store just for 1 thing. I literally can’t even.

But not to worry I have coconut milk on the top of the grocery shopping list so I can make the papipopos as soon as possible!! And you’re damn right, I will be blogging about them!

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-5 Strawberry Agua de Fresca-6

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-7 Strawberry Agua de Fresca-8

So back to the drawing board to pick another recipe. No worries Tara has oodles!

I saw her Aqua de Fresca that was made with strawberries and I knew that was a winner as I had everything on hand and I am never one to resist a fresh aqua de fresca. In fact, I had one made out of pineapple last week… omg!

Anyway, this is perfect for warm summertime days. The perfect sip.

I suggest that to prepare for a great afternoon of sipping on an agua de fresca you toss the fruit with the sugar and some water together in the morning while you make your breakfast. Then your macerated fruit will be delightfully sweet and ready at lunch time. Then from there, it’s just about blending, straining, and adding more water. It’s really about 10 minutes of active minutes to get you to this wonderful bevie.

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-3

I’m happy I original plan has to get revised as this Strawberry Agua de Fresca from Tara’s Multicultural Table was a lovely refreshing drink. But I tell ya, I’m still gonna make those Papipopos really soon! Yum!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day. Remember to thank an active member of our military or a veteran for our freedoms.

Strawberry Agua de Fresca-4


Strawberry Agua de Fresca

Makes 10 Cups


  • 2 pounds fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 8 cups cold water, divided
  • 2 limes


Hull the strawberries, then cut them in halves or coarsely chop. Place in a large bowl. Toss with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup of the water. Cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours.

Transfer strawberries to blender and puree until smooth. Place a large wire sieve over a large bowl and pour in pureed strawberries. Use a spoon to help push liquid through. Discard remaining seeds.

Stir remaining 7 cups water into the strained strawberries. Chill in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Cut limes into wedges to serve with Agua de Fresa.

 Sourced from Tara’s Multicultural Table


Check out everyone else’s awesome recipes too! Over 30 fantastic recipe swappers!

And be sure to check out my 3 years of Secret Recipe Club posts!!!!


Thanks for visiting. Please leave me a comment to provide some feedback. I appreciate all the comments I receive.

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Dear Autumn @ 18 months

Dear Autumn @ 18 months-4

May 2015

Dear Autumn,

It’s always amazing to me how much you develop every month. The big thing this month was how much better you have gotten at walking and talking.

You are walking more than crawling. In fact crawling is getting rarer every day. I swear you will be running soon. Well, you try, but it’s pretty wobbly and you fall. There are times when a slip is quite a dramatic event and there are other times when I think you will wail and you just pop right back up again.

You are talking up a storm now, and it’s just the beginning! Of course you say “Dada” and “Mama” to demand our attention, but there is so much more! You can say “Hola” and “Owl” really clearly. I love it. Water is “WaWa”. “Banana” and “Down” are really clear too. You’ve yelled at Kemper to “Stop”. But I think your favorite word is “MINE!” Oh dear, everything is yours, apparently. ha!  And you think every dog is “Max” from your teacher’s dog’s name. So every time you hear a dog on our walk you yell “Max!” So cute!

Now that the weather is nice again, we have been taking daily walks. We either go right after I get you from daycare or after dinner. You help by pulling the hiking back carrier when I tell you to “Get the Backpack!”. We gear up and go on a walk with Kemper. You love to touch the trees and bushes as we walk by them. I tickle your legs and you try to tickle me back by hitting my arms and side.

We celebrated my 2nd Mother’s Day by going to the Make Way for Ducklings Parade in Boston. I really wanted to go last year but we kept it low key as juggling everything with trying to get you to nap and my pumping schedule felt too overwhelming to enjoy the day. And it was for the better as we really enjoyed the day and the parade. There were activities that you enjoyed playing it and you did a good job marching along the route in your cute little yellow tutu. Oh that tutu is the best! I am so thankful we had such a wonderful day together.

One of my favorite little moments this month was when I got you to give me some deep belly laughs all because of a balloon! We had been shopping at the dollar store and you were getting bored so I tied 2 balloons on your wrist. You just thought they were so cool!! When we were back home I took one and pretended it was wildly blowing away in the house. I hung on to it for dear life and ran around the house going “whoa!!”. You thought it was hilarious. So awesome.

This upcoming month is really special!! Mommy and Daddy are getting married!!! You have the cutest yellow dress that I can’t wait to see you wear. And, thankfully, your hair is long enough for little pig tails. I have been looking forward to this day for along time. I can’t wait for all of us to celebrate such a wonderful family occasion.



Dear Autumn @ 18 months-1 Dear Autumn @ 18 months-2

Dear Autumn @ 18 months-3

Dear Autumn @ 18 months-8 Dear Autumn @ 18 months-9Dear Autumn @ 18 months-7

Dear Autumn @ 18 months-5 Dear Autumn @ 18 months-6

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